How do you pack a solid pullover from Charles river?

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Pack into its front pouch pocket for storage.
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Where can you buy black solid foam packing?

It depends where you live. In New York City there is a great foam store on Canal Street across the street from Pearl Paint, the great arts supplies place. Online you could try

Why the particles of solid are packed together?

Because only the particles are packed together like that the solid can have define shape and volume. If they not packed together that are liquid.So we can use this point (the

Is the Charles river a freshwater river?

The Charles River is Fresh water but has traces of salt from the locks the separate the river from Boston Harbor. When the locks open and close very little salt water gets int

How are particles packed in the solid state?

In a solid, particles are still constantly moving (Look up Kinetic Theory for more information) but are locked into a specific structure. So instead of atoms or molecules movi

Are solid particles packed close toghether?

I think that what you mean to ask is, are the particles in a solid packed close together, which they are, particularly in comparison to a gas, in which the particles are rathe