How do you pay attention to schoolwork and not get distracted?

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Concentration. It's like anything, you have to learn to tune things out. This will come into play with everything - reading, playing a sport,... Also, get excited about it. You will always pay more attension when you are truly interested.
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How do you pay attention in school without being distracted by your friends?

Go and sit at the front of the class near where the teacher is and don't turn round.. Paying attention without being distracted (concentration or focus) is a skill that can b

Not paying attention?

You really should pay attention ok this relasonship is important REALLY
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Why do girls pay more attention?

A higher level of interest in their surroundings is usually the key to the answer of this question.
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How do you make children pay attention?

If you're trying to teach them, make the lesson fun. As in many child-related questions, the best answer depends on the child or children in question. I'm not a parent or teac
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Why does bureaucracy pay attention to courts?

The Bureaucracy, as part of the Executive Branch of Government, abide b thwe Constitution and the laws of the land. The Legislature make the klaws of the land. becomes the f