How do you plant a sprouted avocado seed?

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in the ground
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Is it best to plant avocados as seeds or seedlings?

I actually just plant the avocado pit after eating the avocado. I place the pit sideways in a pot of good quality potting mix, water it, and watch it grow. If you live in a wa

Can you plant seeds from an avocado?

Yes, you can plant avacado seeds. There are 2 ways on how you can plant the seed. Either you can immerse the seed in water or you can plant it in the ground. If you plan to gr

How do I grow an avocado seed to make a plant?

Insert three toothpicks about a half-inch deep into the avocadoseed from three directions just above the center of gravity. Theseed must be upright; the smaller end is the top
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When do you plant an avocado seed?

You can start an avocado plant from seeds. A glass of water ormoist, porous soil mixture can be used to start the plants.