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How do you play Co-op Dead Rising 2 offline?

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Dead Rising 2 will be introducing a co-op experience where two different chucks can work together to play through all of the case files. There will also be a multiplayer form called tir terror is reality I believe where you play against other people in american gladiator style competions to see who is the best zombie killer. There is no split screen at all, which kind of makes sense seeing as you only play as chuck
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Can you play Left for dead 2 offline versus?

Yes, there is a way to play versus offline, but only for the Xbox 360. To start a local match, press the X button and this will open the 'Play a Game with Friends' menu. Press

Is dead rising 2 co op?

Dead Rising 2 has a co op option.But not a whole diffrent co op story.Their is just 2 people.Chukc 1 and Chukc 2

How do you play headache in dead rising 2?

You must put blenders on the zombies head, throw dynamite down, and press the button to score your points.

Is the Dead Rising 2 co-op splitscreen?

No, you can not do splitscreen.

How to play dead rising 2 online co-op?

You invite somebody to the game, and when they try to join, a special message on your tranciever should appear, and then you accept it and they should join.