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How do you play Co-op Dead Rising 2 offline?

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Dead Rising 2 will be introducing a co-op experience where two different chucks can work together to play through all of the case files. There will also be a multiplayer form called tir terror is reality I believe where you play against other people in american gladiator style competions to see who is the best zombie killer. There is no split screen at all, which kind of makes sense seeing as you only play as chuck
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do you mean 2 playeres or some one doing what you want them to do, if 2players you have to get to a red icon or lock on a gang member and press up

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If on xbox 360 go on versus mode play with friends and create your own lobby get a second player choose your campaign and u should be able 2 play. Here is another way (for PC)

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Well technically, the rating for the video game is 18+ due to violence and gore. But if your parents want to rent it as a trial run, to see if you can handle the "adult" conte

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