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The process of posting your own fanfiction is simple, and easy, and requires no complicated scripting, as such. To post a fanfiction, you are required to have an account on fanfiction.net, you can gain an account, by clicking the Register button in the top-right part of the screen.

Getting an Account

Firstly, it will show you the fanfiction Terms of Service, that you must read, and then press Agree, to show that you agree with the rules fanfiction.net have made.
Then, enter a desired Pen Name (you can change this later,) enter your e-mail address, then verify it by typing it again, and, do the same for your password. You must also tick the two boxes below saying "Yes, I have read and accepted the Terms of Service," and "Yes, I'm at least 13 years old."
Lastly, you must enter an image verification, it will give you a picture of a word or two, that you must type in the box. This is just to make sure you are not a bot, and is nothing more. Now that you have your account, you can login, and check your secure account details.

Uploading Document

There are several tabs you can enter, on your account, you can explore these later, but, for now, you just need the account. Now, write your fanfiction story, and save it under a file that you will be able to find easily. Then, go onto the Documents tab, and you will see a box labelled "Upload New Document."
There, you will have a space to give the document a label, don't worry, this isn't what the chapter will be called, unless you want to so name it. Then, browse your files for the document with your fanfiction chapter in it - your fanfiction should be uploaded in chapters, by the way, not, the whole story in one thing, unless the whole story is chapterless, and it's just that chapter. Make sure that, out of the two circles, Story, and DocX, below the submit button, the Story circle is checked.

Submitting Story

Then, press the Submit Button, and, if gone successfully, your document will upload. One side detail, though, after creating your account, you must wait for a while before you can upload documents, it won't let you do so for a while, nor will it allow you to make a story for a while longer, either. When you have the first chapter of your story, go onto the Stories tab, and, click the Guidelines Tab.
Read them quickly, then, at the bottom, click, "Yes, I have read and agreed to the content guidelines. It will take you back up to the top, where you can either click, from there, to create a New Story, or click on the Tab next to Guidelines, to create a new story. It will present you with a window, asking you what category you want to place your story under, meaning, what Game, or TV Show, or Anime, or Cartoon, etc, do you want to place it under?

Once you have chosen, it will give you a screen where you can change all the settings for your story. There is a space for a title, and a synopsis, the title can only be 50 characters long, the synopsis, only 200 characters long. Below, you choose what language it's written in, and what Fiction Rating it is. (See the fanfiction Guidelines for more details in the Stories tab.) You can also choose two genres for your story, and whether it's In-Progress, or Complete.
Lastly, select the document you saved earlier, from a list, and that will add that chapter to the story. Click save, then, view the Contents/Chapters tab, to see your Chapter, currently un-named. Click edit if you wish to name it.
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Where can you find Naruto fan fiction?

Here are some links: narutofic.org/ mediaminer.org/fanfic/src.php/a/Naruto www.narutocentral.com/features/fan-fiction/ mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2998 and forum.tcgplayer.com/forumdisplay.php?f=299 ' You can also try the following: www.fanficton.net www.thejewelrycaske (MORE)

What is a fiction story?

A fiction story is one that is not real, such as a fantasy or a fable. Fiction stories can, however, be based on real life events.

Is a story about a Neptune a non fiction story?

If it is just a book with facts about Neptune, then its nonfiction.. But if your book is a story, say, people go to Neptune and discover life there, that's not factual, so it's fiction.

Is fan fiction legal?

Yes it is, as long as the author of the fanfiction disclaims ownership or publishes it on a site that has permission from the author/creator of the original work. Sites like fanfiction.net have a more detailed explanation in their terms of service and privacy agreements if you want more info.

Can you be sued for writing fan fiction?

Yes. If you try to publish the fiction, as in to make money, you will be sued. Some authors also dislike fanfiction and will sue you if they find the fiction online. Find out before you post anything on the internet just to be safe.

What are fan fiction sites?

Fan Fiction sites are places where you can go and submit stories. Like, if you're reading the House of Night series, and you want to write what you think will happen in the next book, or what you WANT to happen in the next book, you can post it there. BUT, you have to put a "disclaimer" saying that (MORE)

Why do you get an activation error in fan fiction?

It is just the site being stupid usually. Last week it was more noticeable because of the updates. Usually it is fixed within a few days, but don't bother trying to update if there is a Type 1 or Type 2 error. If you do most likely the review ability will be down and no one can review your story. Wh (MORE)

What does non-fan fiction mean?

Well, seeing as fan fiction itself is considered "a fictional account written by a fan of a show, movie, book, or video game to explore themes and ideas that will not or cannot be explored via the originating medium", non-fan fiction would then be the exact opposite of that. Non-fan fiction would (MORE)

Is fan fiction addictive?

It depends, there are different types of people that use it. ~ The Fan - Usually this is the type that wants to see his/her favorite characters together. Or add in a character of their own into a story such as Harry Potter. ~ Aspiring Writer - Someone who wants to work in writing one day, but is (MORE)

How can fan-fiction be educational?

Fan fiction can be educational by providing you with insight on characters within a story. For example, perhaps you are reading a fan fiction that is solely focused on Draco Malfoy's character -- rather than portraying him as the the antagonist (the main opponent of the story) that he is usually see (MORE)

How do you start a fictional story?

Setting Description - allows you to establish atmosphere . Character Description - allows you to establish character and mood . Introduce the Narrator- allows you to establish tone . Plot elements - allows you to establish Conflict, Plot question, and general action. . Philosophy - allows you to (MORE)

What is the definition of a science fiction story?

Science fiction is a genre of fiction dealing with imaginary but more or less plausible (or at least non-supernatural) content such as future settings, futuristic science and technology, space travel, aliens, and paranormal abilities. Exploring the consequences of scientific innovations is one pu (MORE)

Why would you write a fan fiction?

Fan fiction is a way to expand on a story you like, using characters that have already been established by another creator. You can make up what happens after the end page of a novel, or after the credits start rolling at the end of a movie. You can write whatever you want, and other people have the (MORE)

Where was fan fiction created?

It's not known when or where fan fiction (also called fanfiction or fanfic) was created, although derivative works based off of those already published have been around since the 17th century, including spinoffs, sequels, and parodies of such works as Don Quixote and Alice in Wonderland . Many p (MORE)

What is the most popular fan fiction?

The latest info I could find on Google indicates that Harry Potter is still leading the pack in number of fanfiction written and number of searches for said fanfiction.

How do you know if a story or book is fiction?

well if it has not got fact and true things in it it is nonfiction. fiction is made up stuff. A story or book is fiction when it is not based on real events, buton made-up (fictional) ones. Usually the authors specifically write with the copyrights andcredits something along the lines "This is a w (MORE)

Is there a cats and dogs fan fiction?

Yes -- to find any fanfiction, just type in the word fanfiction (or fan fiction) and the show or movie you want, like "cats and dogs fanfiction" and it will bring up whatever is out there.

How do you write post apocalyptic fiction?

Post-apocalyptic fiction is just a fancy term for a story that takes place after some major world-ending catastrophe has occurred. So write a story set in such a place. Click on the Related Question to see how to write a good story.

What is a great plot for a fan fiction story?

It depends on the book, movie ect. itself. In each category there tend to be a lot of cliches. What may be considered a cliche in one fandom isn't necessarily cliche in another. The best method to write a good fanfiction is to come up with something on your own.

What do you need to write a fiction story?

You need a catchy beginning, an exciting middle(or plot), and an ending that makes the reader think about your story for a while. There are 4 steps to writng a fiction story. First you have to have a prewrite. A prewrite is where you can brainstorm and write your ideas. To set up your prewri (MORE)

Do non fiction stories have a story plot?

Nonfiction typically does not have a plot as such. Think of a textbook when you think of nonfiction. There is an overall logical connection for the information, and it flows in order so that you understand it, but there's not a "story" usually.

How do you post a Fan fiction?

There's many websites with fanfiction communities, a few of the more popular ones are here: . LiveJournal . Mibba . DeviantArt . Tumblr . Fanfiction.net . Archive Of Our Own . FanWorks.org And tons more, it all depends on what ~fandom~ you're in, really. For instance LiveJournal probab (MORE)

I need someone to make a prophecy for a story I am writing It is a Percy Jackson Fan Fiction?

Here is the plot: Shana, the main character, is the onlu daughter of Hydros. The god of fresh water. The prophecy has to do with that. Her and 3 other kids (Bella, Lizzie, and Jason) sneak out of camp Half Blood and go to the mall. Upon arrival, they are attacked my nuemerous amount of monsters c (MORE)

What does orange mean in fan fiction?

A orange is like a lemon, which is basically fan-fiction porn or smut, but not as hardcore. If a fan-fiction is described as any sort of citrus it is most likely on the mature side.

What are the best stories of My Little Pony on Fan Fiction?

This is a matter of opinion. Some of the best might include: "A Voice Among the Strangers" by Tystarr "Fallout: Equestria" by Kkat (dark) "It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door" by Jetfire12 "It Takes a Village" by determamfidd. "My Little Dashie" by ROBCakeran53 "Past Sins" by Pen Stroke " (MORE)

How do you publish a story on fan fiction?

You first go to document manager, and upload your file from your computer, and name it. Then go to my stories, and click on the link to your document. Fill out the information that follows, such as a name, and rating, and hit publish. Your story should be up in at least 48 hours

Is fan fiction safe?

Yes, It Is As Safe As Can Be. I've Had An Account For A While Now, And Have Some Ongoing Stories. Nothing's Happened That Can Be Considered 'Unsafe'. Have Fun!

Is there a fan fiction about quil ateara?

Yes, there are many fanfictions on him available. You can go to Fanfiction.net and look for some, or if you are asking about Quil jr. from the twilight series you can google "twilight fanfiction archive" and you can choose the two main charecters you want to be in the fanfiction.

How to find 'my stories' on fan fiction?

You can either go to "Publish," and "Manage Stories" to see and manage (edit/delete) your stories and chapters, or type in "fanfiction.net/~" and your username to go straight to your page, i.e. fanfiction.net/~dhbPATHWAY1997. In order to find the stats for your stories (traffic, total reviews/views (MORE)

Does any fan fiction not suck?

I'm guessing this is a rhetorical question, but I'm going to be a smartass and answer it anyway. Yes, there is a lot of fan fiction that doesn't "suck." Depending on the fandom you search for, the authors, and the size/age/target group of the fandom, the story quality will vary. For example, you're (MORE)

Where can you create Bakugan fan fiction?

There might be a website specifically for Bakugan fan fiction, but I don't know of any myself. There are several small-scale anime/manga fan fiction websites, but I prefer to use fanfiction.net. They accept most fandoms (including Bakugan, I've seen lots of stories), and a fandom can be added if it (MORE)

How do you create stories on fan fiction?

You'll need to first write/copy and paste the story in a document compatible with the website (Microsoft Word and WordPad are what I use), then log onto fanfiction.net. Click "Publish," then "Doc Manager (Upload)." From there, give a title to your story, browse for the file on your computer, choose (MORE)

Where are good fan fictions?

I find fanfiction.net to be a good source for finding fanfictions in general. You can narrow your search by first choosing a catagory(anime, books, movies, tv shows, etc.) then by cross-over or normal. Then you can narrow it down further by genre(romance, action, suspence, etc.), and specific charac (MORE)

Is there a list of fan fiction that you can write about?

No because everyone likes different things. Fanfiction is fiction written about someone else's books, movies, TV shows, or real life celebrities -- there's no giant list showing you everything that's ever been done. Pick something you like and start writing.

What is the difference between fan fictions and love stories?

Fan fiction does not have to have any romantic component, it is simply a story written in the universe created by another author. For instance, a fan of Star Trek could write a story where Picard, as a cadet, met Captain Kirk, and they got into an argument; how they settled the argument could be a v (MORE)

What stories are featured on the Harry Potter Fan Fiction website?

The stories that are featured on the Harry Potter Fan Fiction website are written by fans of the books or films of Harry Potter. They are written as if the author is in the Harry Potter story. Some of those stories are Never Alone, Days of War and Stolen Freedom.

How do you syot on fan fiction?

"SYOT" is an abbreviation used in fan fiction, specifically fan fiction for "The Hunger Games." It means "Submit Your Own Tribute." To SYOT, you would create an original character, known as an "OC," and have it come from one of the 11 districts that Katniss Everdeen was not from.

Where can Dasey fan fiction be found?

Dasey fan fiction can of course be found at your local library. If not, try swap meet or even look on Amazon. They have everything. If you do not mind used books you can get them for a great price.

How can fan fiction be sent to a studio?

You can send fan fiction to a studio by contacting theirrepresentative - just do an internet search for "contact ___studio" and they'll have a contact method for you.