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How do you prepare 0.1N NaOH solution?

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for NaOH normality = molarity ; hence for 1M(1N) solution you have to dissolve 40 g NaOH in 1L water ...... therfore for 0.1 N soln you have to dissolve 4 g in 1 L water
and then standerized it with acid which has known normality
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How do you prepare a 1M NaOH solution?

DANGEROUS: add 40g of NaOH to measured cylinder and then add just enough of water to fill up to 1 Liter Added: This is, in practice, the most DANGEROUS way to do. (Heat at d

How do you prepare 0.1N of sucrose solution?

  N should be M, meaning number of mole (N) per litre. Concentration equals the number of mole per litre, or simply C=N/V. We know the concentration is 0.1 mol/L

How do you prepare 0.1n HCl solution?

By dilution, but this depends totally on: How much litres you want to have. (suppose V1 Litre) The concentration of the UNdiluted (more concentrated) HCl you have to start w

Preparation of 1.0M NaOH solution?

  Accurate caustic soda solution is rarely made-up because in a lab it would require use of volumetric flasks, and they are not used for caustic soda.   Weigh required

Preparation of 0.1n iodine solution?

According to Kodak: For a 0.1 Normal (0.1N) solution of iodine (I2), in 1 L volume flask, dissolve 40 g potassium iodide in 25 mL water. Next, add 12.7 g iodine (I2) and dil

How can prepare 1M solution of NaOH?

using the formula   mole=mass/molar mass,u can have the mass of NaOH that is to be  dissolve in 1000dm^3 solution.    mole=1mol   molar mass=23+16+1=40g/mol 

How you prepare 0.01M NaOH solution?

1 molar solution means 1 mol of a substance (solute) per litre of solution. 1 mol = Molecular weight of the Substance Molecular Weight of NaOH = 23 (Na) + 16 (O) + 1 (H) = 4

1N NaOH solution preparation?

Weigh 40 g NaOH.Put this NaOH in a dry 1 L volumetric flask.Add slowly 900 mL distilled water and stir until dissolved.Put the flask in a thermostat at 20 0C and maintain for

How do you prepare 0.1N potassium chloride solution?

74.5513 g/mol KCl * * 1 mol/eq * 0.1 eq/L = 7.455 g/L So accurately weight 7.455 g dry, analytical grade KCl and dissolve in volumetric flask of exact 1.000 Liter and fill u