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How do you prepare 0.1N NaOH solution?

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for NaOH normality = molarity ; hence for 1M(1N) solution you have to dissolve 40 g NaOH in 1L water ...... therfore for 0.1 N soln you have to dissolve 4 g in 1 L water
and then standerized it with acid which has known normality
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How you prepare 0.01M NaOH solution?

1 molar solution means 1 mol of a substance (solute) per litre of solution. 1 mol = Molecular weight of the Substance Molecular Weight of NaOH = 23 (Na) + 16 (O) + 1 (H) = 4 (MORE)

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How do you prepare 0.1N potassium chloride solution?

74.5513 g/mol KCl * * 1 mol/eq * 0.1 eq/L = 7.455 g/L So accurately weight 7.455 g dry, analytical grade KCl and dissolve in volumetric flask of exact 1.000 Liter and fill u (MORE)

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1N NaOH solution preparation?

Weigh 40 g NaOH.Put this NaOH in a dry 1 L volumetric flask.Add slowly 900 mL distilled water and stir until dissolved.Put the flask in a thermostat at 20 0C and maintain for (MORE)

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Preparation of 0.1n iodine solution?

According to Kodak: For a 0.1 Normal (0.1N) solution of iodine (I2), in 1 L volume flask, dissolve 40 g potassium iodide in 25 mL water. Next, add 12.7 g iodine (I2) and dil (MORE)

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How is a 0.1n solution of perchloric acid prepared?

pipette out 8.5 ml perchloric acid in to 500 ml acetic acid and add 21 ml of acetic anhydride make up to volume to 1000 ml with acetic acid*. * Let this solution stand for on (MORE)

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How do you prepare 0.1N of sucrose solution?

  N should be M, meaning number of mole (N) per litre. Concentration equals the number of mole per litre, or simply C=N/V. We know the concentration is 0.1 mol/L (MORE)