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How do you prevent frogs from drowning in in-ground swimming pools?

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You really can't. You can put a "skamper ramp" on your pool to help them get out but its hit or miss they'll see it.  
There is a an ingenious lightweight, net device called Critter Guard that provides a ladder for frogs and other animals to use to climb out of a pool. Visit the Critter Guard Web site at or at Critterguard.net for Purchases and additional information.
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How do you keep frogs away from a swimming pool?

One option is to use a product called a "FrogLog" which is a ramp  for all kinds of small animals. The FrogLog is not hidden inside  the skimmer, so mammals that need to get

How can you prevent birds from pooping in your swimming pool?

Attention, All Birds!   I had the same problems regarding birds pooping in the pool. My neighbor advised me to use an alligator float chlorinator. I purchased the alligator

How do you get rid of frogs in your swimming pool?

Answer   Hello,   Frogs love being around the water, especially during their mating season. However, they can be pretty noisy. Part of the reason that they are attract

Will frog eggs hatch in a swimming pool?

  Yes! Our swimming pool liner needed to be replaced, so we were late in opening our pool. Unknown to us were millions of tree frog eggs laid in the pool! Before we could

How do you clean a swimming pool that is full of tadpoles and frogs?

Use a net to remove those that you can. As tadpoles cannot be living to deep in the pool, you will likely not need to go very far down. Drain the pool. Those tadpoles that are

How do you prevent ducks in a swimming pool?

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Are inground swimming pools grounded?

  A pool is not "grounded" but it is "bonded".     Bonding requirements vary greatly from city to township and county regulations. Some governments may make you com

How do you kill frogs in swimming pools?

Although frogs in your pool are inconvenient, there is no health  risk due to the pool chemicals. You just remove the drowned frogs.    You should check your yard for

What is drowning in swimming?

It is when a person is unable to swim. They also can not stand on the bottom of the pool. They are unable to breath because their head is under water.