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How do you prevent oil spill?

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we can prevent oil spills by using less oil.hope this helps


1.Don't go mining for it in the first place
2.Have inspections

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What is an oil spill?

An oil spill is when a pump or boat carrying oil breaks and makes a hole or break which releases mass amounts of oil into seas (depending on how big the hole is). This causes

How to prevent oil spills?

we can prevent oil spills by transporting oil in another way rather than by boat. it is also okay to transport it by boat. the ship liners crew should just be careful in handl

How do you prevent an oil spill?

Oil drilling companies should use automatic shut-off device installed in themain pipe where the oils pass going up....this would prevent the oil spill when ther is accident in

What can people do to prevent oil spills?

Oil spills could be reduced in a number of ways. We can build better tankers, we can give people who pilot tankers better training, and possibly do less shipping of oil, if we