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we can prevent oil spills by using less oil.hope this helps


1.Don't go mining for it in the first place
2.Have inspections

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What is an oil spill?

An oil spill is when a pump or boat carrying oil breaks and makes a hole or break which releases mass amounts of oil into seas (depending on how big the hole is). This causes

How do you prevent an oil spill?

Oil drilling companies should use automatic shut-off device installed in themain pipe where the oils pass going up....this would prevent the oil spill when ther is accident in

What can be done to help prevent oil spills?

you can prevent oil spills by also preventing pollution. also before you start fueling, defueling, internal transfer etc.. make sure you check to make sure it is tight and the

What can people do to prevent oil spills?

Oil spills could be reduced in a number of ways. We can build better tankers, we can give people who pilot tankers better training, and possibly do less shipping of oil, if we

What do they do with the oil from oil spills?

They clean it off of the surface of the water by skimming the surface with Booms,skimmers,sorbents,chemicals,vaccums, and shovels. Hope this helps Then the skimmed oil, if

How to prevent oil spills?

we can prevent oil spills by transporting oil in another way rather than by boat. it is also okay to transport it by boat. the ship liners crew should just be careful in handl

How do oil spills affect the coast?

oil forms a layer on water surface..aquatic animals,fishes etc.r not able 2 breathe & die....dead bodies further pollute water & sea..moreover harmful chemicals from oil enter

Can they fix the oil spill?

No, they can't fix the oil spills because oil can't dissolve in the water for example sugar can but oil can't. I wish that answered your question.

How did the BP oil spill happen?

Note that there were 2 major BP oil spills. Alaska (2006) An oil pipe in Alaska, cracked and started leaking. The oil spill was not detected for many days. Gulf of Mexico

How is the oil spill being managed?

BP is utilizing several methods to fix the problem. BP has released chemicals into the ocean to absorb some of the oil. Relief wells, a long term fix, are due to be finished i

What are some ways to prevent oil spills?

Oil spills occur in many different ways- pipe line breaks, barges capsizing, tanker accidents, storage tanks leaking, production platform accidents and well blowouts. The two

How does the oil spill affect the plants?

oil has a surtan cimical so yayOil fumes are toxic to plants. The oil also makes the surface of the water black, which allows no light to reach the plants, meaning that they c

How much oil was spilled in the BP oil spill?

Somewhere between 90-180 million gallons of oil has been spilled into the Gulf of Mexico from the 2010 BP oil spill. On June 19th, the official estimate is 35,000 to 60,000