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How do you prevent water born diseases?

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Reduce fecal contamination of water sources by carful siting of sewerage works, cemetaries etc. Treat drinking water and make it free and readily avalible to all.
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Water born diseases?

Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Themost common are transmitted in contaminated fresh water. Infectioncommonly results during bathing, washing, dri

Can water prevent disease?

Umm, no. Water in fact is the basis for most life, including microbes and bacteria and other germs. It has no preventative qualities, unless you mean by using water to wash wi

How effective is chlorine in preventing water borne diseases?

Chlorine is almost 100 % effective in preventing the water bornediseases. Chlorine does not kill the ova and cysts of amoeba andworms. So you need filter the water. You can ma

What is a water borne disease?

A water borne disease is a disease that one can get from drinking contaminated water. Some examples are: Cholera, E-coli., Salmonella

What are two water-borne diseases?

There are many water borne illnesses but two of some of the morecommon diseases would be Cholera and Malaria. . Cholera is an acute, diarrhoeal illness caused by infection of
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How do you control water-borne disease?

Boiling water if you are unsure of where the water came from is always a good way to ensure that bacteria is killed (or contaminants). Education of how to boil the water (how