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How do you prevent water born diseases?

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Reduce fecal contamination of water sources by carful siting of sewerage works, cemetaries etc. Treat drinking water and make it free and readily avalible to all.
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Water born diseases?

Waterborne diseases are caused by pathogenic microorganisms. The  most common are transmitted in contaminated fresh water. Infection  commonly results during bathing, washin

How do you control water-borne disease?

Boiling water if you are unsure of where the water came from is always a good way to ensure that bacteria is killed (or contaminants). Education of how to boil the water (how

How to control water borne diseases?

Most of the Waterborn diseases can prevent by avoid the water polution,keep the drinking water in a clean and closed vessel,use drinking water after boiling and cooling,collec

What diseases can be prevented?

Answer   Many diseases can be prevnted by having vaccines and boosters. Diseases that can be prevented by doing these to include:   Influenza   Chicken Pox   Mea

How can diseases be prevented and how?

Wash your hands often, espeically after using the restroom. Go to your doctor often, to get check ups and neccasary vaccinations. Hope I helped!

What is air borne and water borne diseases?

Air borne diseases. These crop diseases are transmitted by the air, e.g., 'rust of wheat' , "blast of rice" , etc. Air-borne diseases attack all aerial parts of the plants, e.

Medicines that prevent and treat disease?

Medicine tha prevents disease is called vaccine as it creates immunity in your body. Curruently there are no medicines that "cure" the disease but it helps your immune system