How do you prevent water born diseases?

How do you prevent water born diseases?
Reduce fecal contamination of water sources by carful siting of sewerage works, cemetaries etc. Treat drinking water and make it free and readily avalible to all.
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What is air borne and water borne diseases?

Air borne diseases. These crop diseases are transmitted by the air, e.g., 'rust of wheat' , "blast of rice" , etc. Air-borne diseases attack all aerial parts of the plants, e. (MORE)

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How does skin help prevent diseases?

Well, to answer your question, first understand that the skin is part of the body's integumentary system. This is essentially the skin and all of it's appendages, like fingern (MORE)

What is an effective way to prevent diseases?

To live a healthy lifestyle; eat well, but everything in moderation. Exercise daily. Stay away from things like cigarettes and recreational drugs. Avoid stressors or deal with (MORE)

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How do immunizations prevent disease?

Whenever a foreign particle that is an antigen(pathogen) enters our body our immune system recognize and kill the antigen.Usually our immune system takes time to recognize and (MORE)

Diseases That Cause Constipation

Constipation is the result of irregular bowel movements. Medically, this can be stated as having fewer than three bowel movements in a period of a week. This is a condition th (MORE)

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Tips for Removing Water Sprouts

A water sprout is growth arising from dormant buds on old growth of a tree. The straight, upward growth makes water sprouts easy to recognize. Water sprouts are weak growth th (MORE)

Implications of Fluoride in Water

While there are many natural and added chemicals to our water, one in particular has garnered some attention over the past few years. In many locations across North America, f (MORE)

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How do you prevent and avoid tongue diseases?

The best way to avoid any disease of the mouth is to keep your  mouth clean. Brush your teeth and tongue at least twice a day,  floss your teeth at least once a day, and use (MORE)

How does a scab prevent disease?

A scab is made of little cells in ure blood called platelets. these form a scab by coming to the opening in the skin and close itand thats the scab, this stops viruses, bacter (MORE)