How do you prime a swimming pool pump?

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Priming a Pump To prime a swimming pool pump when the motor is in operation and the pressure gauge has 0 lbs. of pressure you will first need to turn the motor off. Take off the strainer basket lid and fill the strainer basket with water until some water is running back through the incoming line. Replace the pump basket, close the lid and tighten the t-bolts or clamps. Some have a twist type lid. It just depends on the brand and model of your pump. If you have an air relief valve open it to remove extra air from the filter tank. Turn the motor back on. Close the air relief valve when water comes out.(If yours is equipped with one) If the pump will not prime, do these steps again. Don't let the pump run over 30 seconds when trying to prime. You do not want to burn it up. I hope this helps you.

30 seconds is a bit quick. You can go up to as much as 5 or even 10 minutes. If after trying the above method a couple of times with no apparent or promising results try putting a garden hose in the skimmer blocking it in with a rag or your hands. Have someone turn on the water and the pump letting the pump draw water from the hose. Let that helper tell you when the water is beginning to get sucked into the pump. You can probably feel when the pump is sucking. Remove the rag and hose and let the pump continue to "prime". ( be careful not to let the rag get sucked into the skimmer hole). Bleed off any trapped air also during this process.
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