How do you produce 120V lines from 240V lines without using a transformer?

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220 volt AC current is achieved by having two 110 volt lines with opposite waves or phases. One line will be positive while the other is negative then they flip or alternate 60 times a second (60 hertz). When connecting a volt meter to each of these lines it will read 220volts. Connecting a volt meter from either line to ground will read 110.
I don't know if your question is backwards, but in a home you shouldn't have any lines that read 220 volts to ground. In a business or shop there can be 240 volt lines which combined can make 480 for industrial equipment.  
If your 220 is an older style and only has two hots and a ground (red,black,bare/green) you can't make a 110. If your 220 has 2 hots (red,black), a neutral (white), and a ground (bare/green), you can get 110 from either of the hots (black,red) to neutral (white).
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How do you get 120V from a single circuit breaker box that has a 240V line coming into the box that has one black one white and one bare line?

The s given below are ONLY for USA, Canada and countries using similar 120/240 Volt, 60 Hz mains power supply systems. If the box has 3 wires at 220V you can't get 110V. The

How do you produce a 240V line from two 120V lines?

Answer . first off, the two 110v circuits would have to be from different bus bars in the breaker panel, one from the left bus and one from the right bus. if they are both

Can you use a 120V to 240V step up transformer for an electric range?

Outlets and power \n. \n(110V outlets and 120V outlets are practically the same for this discussion. I will refer to them as 120V. Same with 220V/240V outlets.)\n. \nFor y

If you work in an industrial setting how do you make a 120V single phase line into a 240V single phase line?

Get an electrician . \nIf you work in an industrial setting and DON'T know how to do this, you should keep your hands off it. \nYou are not a suitably qualified individual.

Can you use 120V appliances on a 240V outlet?

Not advised . Some appliances may work, but I imagine most would either blow a fuse or just burn out. Definately not advised unless you use a transformer. With the right

Can a 120V UL rated dimmer switch be used on a 240V dedicated line that is providing power to a UK built light fixture that uses UK light bulbs?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. . No. Do not use a 120 Volt rated device for 240 Volt service. All equipment on 240 volt cir

Can you use a 120v switch for a 240v application?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz household electricity supplies . This is not possible because a 120v switch disconnects one conductor while a 240v a

How do you use 120V equipment on 240V?

The short answer is: you can't.. The long answer is: just like using a flashlight bulb that has a voltage that is half the voltage of the battery, it will not work. It will t

Can 120V cloth iron be used in 240V?

The answer is No for an iron that was sold only for use in US, Canada or other countries using similar household AC power supplies.. Unless the iron has a switch on it, to al

Can you use 240v appliances on a 120v outlet?

There are 110 volts going to recepticles along the walls ect. These are for lamps, vaccuum cleaners, most things besides stoves, dryers, heating and cooling(most). But the onl

What is cheaper to produce 120v or 240v?

You have to go right back to the source and find out how the electricity is produced. Coal fired, hydro, natural gas turbine. There is a specific cost for each method. For tra

How do you produce a 240 line from two 120v lines?

\nin short, the electrical energy in your home comes in two forms: +120 V and -120 V. A volt (v) is simply a measure of the difference in potential energy that is available. T

Can you use a 120v to 240v step up transformer for a hot tub?

No, the current on the primary side of the transformer will be too high. Hot tubs are usually around 40 amps at 240 volts. On a step up transformer it is a two to one ratio. T

Can you use a 120v appliance with a 240v supply?

It depends on what the appliance is. Some smaller appliances have a dual voltage switch which allows you to adjust the appliance to the supply voltage. Look on the manufacture