How do you program a Phillips DVD player with a comcast remote?

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You can't. You must use the Phillips DVD player remote.
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How do you Program lg tv with comcast cable remote?

I believe I've tried every combination, spoke to people at Comcast and LG and still can't figure it out. Any ideas? I was told that LG used to be Goldstar so I tried the G

How do you program a Comcast 3-in-1 remote control to work a Symphonic DVD-VCR?

You may not be able to. There are a few "hard-headed" manufacturers who make sets and equipment that have remotes with "oddball codes" and they cannot be replaced with the uni

How do you program a comcast remote with onkyo remote?

I am still trying to get the correct code, 'cuz all Onkyo rcvrs seem to have this problem. But jcarr1 has a solution on this web site:
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What is the comcast remote code for curtis tv DVD combo?

I just bought Curtis ledvd1975A TV/DVD combo. I have tried every RCA, SONY, Sylvania code as suggested by other message boards in the Comcast site. I have the Xfinity remote.
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Why doesn't a Phillips portable DVD player come with a remote?

Probably because as a portable dvd player with a small screen, you are expected to sit close enough to see. This means that you can reach and so dont need a remote. Some porta
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How do you program a dish network remote to a magnavox dp100mw8b DVD player?

To address the remote to your DVD player, just follow the steps below! Addressing Remote to DVD: 1.) Press and hold the clear AUX button until all mode lights light up.
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How do you program your dish network remote to work on DVD player?

To program a remote to a DVD player, all you would need is the code, and the steps. In order to provide a code, we would need the model of DVD player. The related link will al