How do you pronounce Ariana Grande?

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Are- E- On - uh
Gron - Day
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Is Ariana Grande single?

No, Ariana Grande is dating Jai Brooks, a member of the Australian YouTube group The Janoskians.

How much does Ariana Grande weigh?

she weighs 91 lbs Know one really knows, but shes about 19 so id say around, 115 pounds shes 120 lbs.she's short too only 5'1 115 pounds

Is Ariana Grande lava girl?

No, Ariana Grande didn't not play Lava Girl in Shark Boy andLava Girl, Lava Girl was played by Taylor Dooley.

How do you contact Ariana Grande?

You can Tweet her @ArianaGrande and you can send her fan mail ather fan mail address. Ariana Grande 265 S. Federal Hwy Suite 331 Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 USA go visit her I got in contact, I sent her an letter! Its kinda Obvious, but she does answer back, and gives autographs! :D

Is Ariana Grande a singer?

Yes, she is also a model and actress! She is a very good singer! I beleive that. If you don't you have problems!

Does Ariana Grande eat meat?

She is a vegan which means she doesn't eat anything that dairy,eggs,meat,fish,honey ect. ;)

What songs does Ariana Grande sing?

She sings a lot of popular songs like "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. That are callled covers. She recently released her first single called "Put Your Hearts Up" and her album is to come around summer or spring this year :] She likes retro songs but she also likes songs from katy perry and such. When she w (MORE)

Is Ariana Grande pretty?

i think Ariana Grande is SUPER PRETTY! if you go on it is so cool. she has all these videos of her with her camera migig on her computer and it shows her singing really good all these cool things

What are arianas grandes songs?

She doesnt really have song just for herself but Give It Up, she sang Grenade, Love The Way You Lie, Favorite Foods (she was the brocoli) and that's all i can think of for now.

Is Ariana Grande famous?

yes Ariana Grande plays 'Cat Valentine' on the Nickelodeon show victorious and she has also just released her first music video for her very own song 'Put Your Hearts up' and she also covers alot of songs on her youtube channel Ohsnapitzari and she does concerts all over the world singing her (MORE)

How was Ariana Grande discovered?

she auditioned for a show called victorious and dan hired her She'd been into the business since she was about 8 years old. She had played a lot of little parts in the theater of her city and singing contests. At the age of 14 she auditioned for the role of Charlotte in "13 the musical" on Broadway (MORE)

What does Ariana Grande sing?

I know she sings grenade. :) born this way express your self mash up ABC Mike Jackson tribute and a billy Joel cover She Just Made A New Song Called Put Your Hearts Up! It Will Come Out On December 20th (2011)

Does Ariana Grande have mind problems?

Even though the character she plays on the TV show Victorious looks like she has some kind of mental problems, Ariana Grande is perfectly sane. The character she plays has nothing to do with the real Ariana.

How do you dress like Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande loves very girly clothes. She's inspired by retro style, mostly from the 50s and 60s. She uses to wear a lot of bows and light pink clothes. Her style is mostly made of cute little dresses and high heels. She always wears happy colors, especially pastels.

What does Ariana Grande like?

She likes sushi, ermm her favourite colour is purple. She likes her old hair better than her red velvet hair. Ariana Grande Rocks. She likes a lot of things. She likes music, singing, acting, playing her wii, dressing up like a pin up girl, eating strawberries, romance (she is a hopeless romantic), (MORE)

Who is Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande-Butera (born June 26, 1993), known professionally as Ariana Grande , is an American singer and actress. She began her career singing on a cruise ship, at sporting events and with various orchestras in South Florida. She appeared in the Broadway musical 13 , before landing the role o (MORE)

Was Ariana Grande in a Shrek movie?

Victorious costars Ariana Grande and Victoria Justice attended the premiere of Shrek Forever After, as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City, NY on the 21st of April,2010.

How do you get Ariana Grande to follow you on Twitter?

Singer Ariana Grande is currently following about 68,500 people onTwitter, so it definitely is possible to get her as a follower.Maybe you could send her a thoughtful DM about how she has impactedyour life, or send her some fan-made art. Just remember to berespectful and kind!

Where does Ariana Grande get her clothes?

Ariana Grande gets her clothes from various places such as, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Wildfox Couture. She has also worn dresses by indie designer Kenley Collins to multiple red carpet events.

Did Ariana Grande get extensions?

Yes, she did get extensions. Her natural hair length is just below her shoulders (as seen in the beginning of Season One of VicTORIous) and in the second season, you see her hair is drastically longer. So yes, she did get extensions. (Of course, her hair must've grown a bit throughout the filming pr (MORE)

When did Ariana Grande get famous?

She got famous in Jason Roberts Broadway Musical 13. Some people say her big break was in Annie but that's not true she said it was 13 the musical in a interview.

Does Ariana Grande have tattoos?

A heart on toe . "mille tendresse" on the back of her neck . "bellissima" on her left ribcage . A crescent moon under her left ear

Is Ariana Grande in college?

not right now right now shes working on her album and she is on the show (victorious) but im sure she will eventually go

How do you sound like Ariana Grande?

well you cant really sing or talk like her but if u want to kinda talk like her than talk nice and NO cussing.also be nice to people and if u want to talk to her your self go to twitter and add her also add me and ill tell u were she lives so u can give her fan mail. twitter-@Ariana grande t (MORE)

How to be ariana grande?

first you got to try to sing like her and do high notes like hersecond you got to be really good at impressions like her and thirdyou got to do diva behavoir like her

What are all the facts about Ariana Grande?

She was born in Boca Raton Florida. Her favorite colors are light pink, green, white, and red. She was 15 when she was in 13 the musical. Her birthday is June 26, 1993. Her favorite book is harry potter. Her favorite food is strawberries and sushi. Her favorite movie is 13 going on 30. Her celebrity (MORE)

Why did Ariana Grande have to dye her hair?

Because Cat Valentine really loves red velvet cupcakes so she decided to color it the same color. It makes the most sense with Cat. Imagine the color on any other cast member. That color really stands out, and so does Cat.

How do you talk like Ariana Grande?

You can talk like Cat like this: Kinda talk slow but not to slow and kinda like a 5 year old. Also no cussing or rudeness, but talk kind and sweet. If you want to talk like Ariana and not the person she plays than here it is: Talk nice no cussing and also a little smart. Follow Ariana on twitt (MORE)