How do you pronounce Azerbaijan?

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I do believe that the pronunciation is like this: Az-er-bu-jan. correct me if I'm mistaken please
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How do you pronounce AT-AT?

It depends on the person. Some say Ay-Tee-Ay-Tee because of other walkers, like the AT-ST, AT-PT and AT-AA. Others say At-At (@-@) because it's more efficient to use just two syllables rather than four syllables. I use to say Ay-Tee-Ay-Tee Walker, but now I just just say At-At Walker for the l (MORE)

Where is Azerbaijan located?

Azerbaijan straddles the border between Europe and Asia in the Caucasus region with an east coast on the Caspian Sea. It borders Russia to the north, Georgia and Armenia to the west, and Iran (proper) to the south. Azerbaijan was divided between the Russian Empire and the Persian Empire by the Tr (MORE)

What continent is Azerbaijan found in?

Azerbaijan's main city, Baku is in the European Continent. However, about half of it is in Asia. Many consider Azerbaijan European cause of the culture, secular lifestyle, and education system that is similar to Eastern European countries. For example Azerbijan plays in Europeans Soccer Tournom (MORE)

Is Azerbaijan a country in Europe?

Azerbaijan is situated in both Europe and Asia. It is the richest country in the Caucasus and one of the richest in the Former Soviet Union

Who is the President of Azerbaijan?

Ilham Aliyev is the President of Azerbaijan, having assumed office on 2003 October 31. He is currently serving his third 5-year term as President of Azerbaijan.

Who is the leader of azerbaijan?

The current president is Ilham Əliyev and the prime minister is Artur Rasizadə. I think you're looking for the president though.

What is azerbaijan famous for?

Azerbaijan is famous for being one of the oldest states in the world and the origin of the first Europeans. eg. Scandinavians were originally from the area that is now Azerbaijan.

What is the State capital of Azerbaijan?

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, as well as being the country'slargest city. It is nicknamed the City of Winds, and has apopulation of roughly 2,122,300 residents.

How do you pronounce 'that'?

That The th is pronounced like the th in th em, th ere, or th ose. The a in that is pronounced like the a in the word c a t,b a t, or m a t. The last t in the word that is pronounced like the t in ca t , ra t ,or fa t .

What time is it in azerbaijan?

Time zone: UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) + 4 (but in the summer UTC + 5). For climate please read:

How do you pronounce of?

"of" is pronounced as though written "ov," with the "o" being short as in the word "box". ++ Some people pronounce it "uv", but that is colloquial.

Where is Azerbaijan?

Located in the South Caucasus, located partially inEastern Europe and partially in Western Asia. It is bounded by theCaspian Sea to the east, Russia to the north, Georgia to the westand northwest, Armenia to the southwest, and Iran to the south. TheAzerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan is bordered by Ar (MORE)

How do you pronounce the?

For the article the , th is pronounced as in "there" not stressed as in "thumb" or "thing." The E may be a short E sound (uh or schwa) as in "but." In this use, the word the rhymes with "duh." However, when the word the is pronounced before a vowel sound, it is properly pronounced "thee." (MORE)

What is the history of the azerbaijan?

During Median and Persian rule, many Albanians adopted Zoroastrianism and then switched to Christianity prior to coming of Muslim Arabs and more important Muslim Turks. The Turkic tribes are believed to have arrived as small bands of ghazis whose conquests led to the Turkification of the p (MORE)

Who discovered Azerbaijan?

The Soviet Union (USSR) formally defined Azerbaijan, and created the Azerbaijan SSR, which is the present day Azerbaijan. However Azerbaijan was always there.

Is Azerbaijan polluted?

It depends on the location. During the times that Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union (USSR) there were many chemical factories in Azerbaijan. The areas around some of these factories are polluted. but these days the government is cleaning up pretty fast. However, overall Azerbaijan has very cle (MORE)

What is azerbaijan like?

As I heard from my friend (he visited there last year), the capital is a very modern European style city. However most of the other cities are kept ancient and there's loads of places to visit. He also said that the people there are very hospitable. That's all I know.

Plant and animal life of Azerbaijan?

The plant and animal life of Azerbaijan is rich and diverse. Morethan 4,000 species of plants grow here, including many nativevarieties, as well as more than 1,200 types of animals and birds:bear, lynx, wolf, Caucasian goat, jeyran, deer, turaj, pheasants,flamingo, pelicans and countless others. W (MORE)

What is the currency in azerbaijan?

Azerbaijani manat (100 gepik) Present (August 2013) coin and banknote values: . coins (1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 gepik) . banknotes (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 manat)

What is azerbaijan population?

Azerbaijan has been separated to different parts, 65% of it is located in Northwestern Iran with population of 30milion and 25% the country of Azerbaijan (population:9 million) and the rest inside Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, and Russia (5milion). Total population of Azerbaijanis is approximately 44mil (MORE)

What is azerbaijan known for?

Azerbaijan is known for its petrol, gas, good agricultural sector, strategical geographical position and very rich culture

What is a pronouncement?

A pronouncement is a formal expression of an opinion or a statement made by a figure of authority.

How do you pronounce the how do you do?

h-OW doo yoo doo make sure that you don't put too much time into stressing each word though. when spoken normally the "do you do" sounds almost like one word

How do you pronounce I?

The usual pronunciation of I (the pronoun or English letter) is the same as the word (eye). However, the pronoun I is sometimes "extended" as (aye), a long I with a very soft long E on the end, similiar to (Ieeeee). Do not drag it out, but put the E sound softly on the end. The word "ice" is (MORE)

What environmental problems plague Azerbaijan?

While under Soviet control the petroleum and chemical industries were not regulated. Now independent they are focusing on economic opportunity in the short term and are ignoring environmental warnings.

Who was the President of Azerbaijan in 2004?

Ilham Aliyev was the President of Azerbaijan in 2004, having assumed office on 2003 October 31. He is currently serving his second and final 5-year term as President of Azerbaijan.

Why visit Azerbaijan?

The European Singing competition, Eurovision, will be in Azerbaijan next year. You can go and join the show, party, and fun.

Why do you pronounce our as are?

Pronunciation depends on your accent. Some people do pronounce"our" the same as "are", while others pronounce it as a singlesyllable "ow", rather than the two syllable "hour". English is funny like that: there are just so many accents aroundthe world that you often can't even ask why a word is pron (MORE)

Why is Azerbaijan called the land of flames?

Azerbaijan is called "The Land of Fire" or "The Land of Eternal Flames" due to the fact that the ancient Persian religion, Zoroastrianism, was "big" there. Zoroaster, the prophet of the religion, was born in Azerbaijan, or as they called it Azarapadegan. Some say the origin of the name "Land of Eter (MORE)

What stage of the demographic transition is Azerbaijan in?

It is in Stage 3 of the DTM. The reason for this is that The Crude Birth Rate is slightly higher than the Crude Death Rate. The NIR is not quite 0. like in stage 4 and the population is growth is not high as in stage 2. There is no country in stage 1, and this makes Azerbaijan stage 3.

Is azerbaijan in Asia or Europe?

Azerbaijan is in Southwestern Asia. The previous answer is incorrect. Azerbajan belongs to both Asia and Europe, there is no definite and concrete answer.

What is the achievement of azerbaijan?

When it was first formed in 1918, it was the first democratic and secular country in the Muslim world. Also, in the early 1900s, it produced the majority of the world's oil, and is still a big oil producer.

Is Azerbaijan in Greece?

No. Azerbaijan is a country in central Asia and partly in Europe.It is a long way from Greece and does not even share a border withit.

What splits azerbaijan?

The River Arax forms most of the border between the part of Azerbaijan which is independent (Republic of Azerbaijan) and the part which is part of Iran.

Was Azerbaijan an ancient civilization?

Yes...of course.....Azerbaijan has very ancient history andcivilization.Its history is of thousands of years is hasbeen proved by many Material evidence and the works of greathistorians.

Who are the enemies of Azerbaijan?

Biased Propaganda: Main enemy is themselves or radical Islam! TheHistory of much of Azerbaijan lands was originally Armenian landsand the Azeri's are Muslim Turks and as in any Muslim country theyalways push their agenda, to convert to Islam or be beheaded and orheavily punished thru barbaric Islami (MORE)

How do you pronounce where?

Most English speakers pronounce it the same as "wear" - a fewpartly include the H as in w-hair. Even fewer speakers have any trace of H in what (wutt, watt,or wott).