How do you pronounce Carnevale di Venezia?

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Car-nay-val (as in call)-a (as in say) Dee ven (as in when)-ets-e (as in me)-a (as in ha)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Il carnevale di Venezia - 1939?

The cast of Il carnevale di Venezia - 1939 includes: Alessandra Adari as Una impiega della manifattura dei tabacchi Armando Annuale as Il vecchietto curioso Loredana as Una im
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What are the release dates for Il ladro di Venezia - 1950?

Il ladro di Venezia - 1950 was released on: Italy: 22 December 1950 France: 17 October 1951 West Germany: 1952 Belgium: 7 March 1952 Spain: 8 September 1952 (Madrid