How do you pronounce Djoser?

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you pronounce it like joe-ser the D is silent
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Who is King Djoser?

He was a Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. He ruled in the 3rd Dynasty from 2630 BC- 2611 BC.

What did djoser do?

He defeated the people of the Sinai Peninsula when they tried to attack Egypt.

What are facts about Pharaoh Djoser?

Answer: . There are many facts about Pharaoh Djoser. Here are some facts you may or may not have known~ . Djoser was also known as Netjerikhet, meaning body of the god

Did djoser have kids?

Djoser did have kids but the only one known by name is Inetkawes. The other names were destroyed.
In Ancient Egypt

Who is the architect who designed the pyramid of djoser?

Imhotep (c.2667-28 BCE) the vizier or chief minister of Pharaoh Djoser. Contemporary inscriptions describe him as being a carpenter, sculptor, physician and priest, the first