How do you pronounce haute?

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Say the letter "O" but try say it without the 'w' or 'h' at the end (not oh)

you pronounce the t at the end when the thing your talking about (haute is an adjective) is feminin or if the next word in the sentences begins with a voul

In your case haute is in its feminin form so ye you have to pronounce the t (a very basic view is that if the word has an e at the end it is feminin - although as it is common with french there are LOADS of exceptions)

hope it helps
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What is haute couture?

Answer . 1. The leading establishments or designers for the creation of exclusive fashions. 2. The creation of exclusive fashions/The fashions created. . Haute couture is

How do you pronounce haute couture?

The correct French pronunciation is "oat- kuh- tyur". The Americanized rendition (OHT koo-TUHR) rhymes with "boat" and "tour". (see related video/ audio links to hear)

How do you pronounce Terre Haute?

It's French. It's Terre not Terra, but you do pronounce it like terra, the "err" is like "air"...Haute is like haute cousine or haute couture, only in Indiana for Terre Haute

What is haute ecole?

Since the late Renaissance the highest level of horse and man relationship was called Haute Ecole. HAUTE ECOLE - figuratively speaking, defines the highest level of working

What is the haute cuisine?

"Haute cuisine" means elegant cooking.

Bas and haut?

Bas = low Haut = high

Where is Terra haute?

Terre Haute is located appox 72 miles West of Indianapolis,Indiana. Indianapolis is the home of the Indianapolis 500. Terre Haute is located on the Indiana - Illinois border.

What does haute mean?

"Haute" translates to "high." It is a French word indicating "classy".
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Is hauted real?

Although I've never seen a ghost except for Casper the Friendly Ghost, I neither believe nor disbelieve. If a ghost sat down at my dinner table, I'd hurry to make sure he got