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"pee-et-uh" is the pronunciation of the word "pieta" in the English language.
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What is a pieta?

A pieta is a picture or sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding the dead body of Jesus Christ on her lap or in her arms. Source: Oxford American Dictionary (quoted directly)

What material is the Pieta made of?

  The 'Pieta' is a statue carved from marble.

What does the Pieta represent?

The Pieta represents the pity that the mother Mary had for her son Jesus after he was taken down from the cross. It represents great sadness, and grief.

The Pieta was created by which artist?

Many artists have done this subject matter. The one you might be thinking of is by Michelangelo, circa 1499.

What is pieta?

It means a picture (sculpted or painted) of Virgin Mary with the dead Christ on her lap.

How would you describe the pieta by michelangelo?

This sculpture shows the Virgin Mary holding the body of Jesus, which has been taken down from the Cross. She looks at him with gentle grief, love, and sorrow. Her beautiful f

Why did Michelangelo sign the Pieta?

People didn't know who Michelangelo was when he finished the Pieta and therefor assumed or guessed is was another famous sculpture at the time. When word reached Michelangelo

What is unusual about the proportions of the Pieta?

Mary is much larger in comparison to Jesus than one would expect. This was so Mary could cradle Jesus' body in her lap. The genius of Michelangelo is that the disproportion is