How do you pronounce the Italian name Giuseppe?

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Actually, I'm sure the name "Giuseppe" is pronounced as "You-sehp-eh," if you say it fast enough.

Juh-sep-ee, I think
ANSWER: Jew-sepp-aaa

yeah if u wanna pronounce the American way. but if you want to pron. it the authentic Italian way it's jewzehppeh

Listen to the correct Italian pronunciation of Giuseppe
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How do you pronounce the name David in Italian?

If you are traveling to a non-English speaking country, it is unlikely people will call you by the Italian translation of your name. This has to do with etiquette, and manners

Is the name Giuseppe Italian?

Yes , Giuseppe is an Italian name. Specifically, Giuseppe is a masculine noun. It is a proper name that means "Joseph." The pronunciation is "djoo-ZEHP-peh."
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What is the diminutive for the Italian name Giuseppe?

Not all Italian names are exactly the equivalent of their Latin origin. Most names, such as Giuseppe, originate from a name ending in 'ino' or 'ina'. Beppe meaning 'shall add'