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How do you pronounce the Japanese word obachan?

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O BA CHAN can be pronounced more or less phonetically.
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How do you pronounce numbers in Japanese?

number romaji pronounce only the bold 1 ichi itchy 2 ni knee 3 san sunday 4 shi she 5 go gone 6 roku lock 7 sichi s-itchy 8 hachi hutch 9 ku Q 10 ju Jew 11 ju-ichi

What does the Japanese word 'saikou' mean and how do you pronounce it in Japanese?

'saikou' has a few meanings, but if you are talking about a noun it means 'the best' its probably best if you look it up in a dictionary (or an online dictionary if you can't

How can you pronounce Japanese?

Your rule of thumb when sounding out Japanese is the following vowels: A = ah I = e U= uu E = eh O = oh Then there is Tsu & Su which sounds like the word sue. Th

How do you pronounce i love you in japanese?

There are a few different ways to translate 'I love you' in Japanese. The two most common are 大好きだ (daisuki da) and 愛してる (aishiteru). Pronunciation:大好き