How do you pronounce the french word venin?

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In french, if the last letter of the word is a consonant it is only pronounced if it is in the word Careful. From that we know the -n on the end of the word will be silent. In french the letter 'e' is generally pronounced as a soft 'uh' sound. So the word would be pronounced vuh-n-o with the 'uh' and the 'o' being very soft.
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How do you pronounce the French word Rien?

The R is made by lightly clearing your throat. In the word "rien" the R is followed by a vowel so it will probably be pronounced voiced rather than unvoiced, which means you hum a tiny bit while you say it instead of just making a scratching sound. (To better understand voiced/unvoiced, consider tha (MORE)

How do you pronounce no in French?

Go to the Related Link below, click on the letter N, scroll down to the word no, and click on the link, and it will pronounce it for you. It's an audio file, you don't have to download anything to hear it.

How do you pronounce the french word farcis?

"farci", plural "farcis" (meaning stuffed in French) is pronounced "far-see" (far as in faraway, see like the English verb). The pronounciation is the same in singular and plural form (do not pronounce the final "s")

How do you pronounce 'you' in French?

'you' can be translated either "tu" or "vous". "vous" is the formal or plural form. It is pronounced "voo".. "tu" is a familiar form to address a single person. The 'u' must be pronounced the French way, not as in the English language where it sounds 'you' (hard to explain as the French 'u' sound (MORE)

How do you pronounce 'how are you' in French?

How are you ? = Comment vas tu ? To have the pronounciation you have to use a speech demo, for example you can google "Acapela Text to Speech Demo" Then you select the first choise and you select the voice "French - Bruno" to hear the right pronounciation. --Edit-- If you are asking (MORE)

How do you pronounce the french word for cute?

Mignon is pronounced roughly "mee-nyoh." The "o" sound in the final syllable is a nasal vowel, so you'll get closer if you imagine that your nose is plugged. :-) The feminine form, mignonne, is easier to pronounce: "mee-nyun."

How do you pronounce the word English in french?

anglais(e) - The correct pronunciation is: ang - uh-ng, like the 'uh' in understand and ng at the end of 'writing' glai- glay, like 'g' in good and the rest rhyming with the word 'play' If it is just "anglais", the final "s" is not pronounced. If it is "anglaise", the "se" sounds like a "z" (MORE)

How do you pronounce the french word tous?

Sometimes, it is pronounced two followed by a hard 's' and othertimes, the s is silent. The final 's' being pronounced is a function of how the word isused in a sentence. In most cases, the 's' at the end of 'tous' isnot pronounced. For instance, if you say "Tous les parcs sontpetits", All the par (MORE)

How do you pronounce the French word bandant?

it is pronounced with a hard 'an' as in "can't". But it is in the first place a slang word meaning "sexually arousing" and many French would have a bad idea about someone saying that.

How do you pronounce the French word 'guillotine?

French The first syllable is 'ghee' like the start of geek Then 'oh' Then 'teen' like the word thirteen. "ghee-oh-teen (uh)" - French speakers leave a trailing 'eh' for E at the end English Colloquially, it is similar to the French, "GILL-uh-teen."

How do you pronounce the French word 'aimer'?

"Eh-mey" is a way to pronounce the French word aimer . The present infinitive may be heard pronounced in other ways -- such as "ay-mey" -- in French-speaking countries other than France. Regardless of pronunciation, it translates as "to love" in English.

How do you pronounce the French word 'fourragère'?

"Foo-ra-zhehr" is a way to pronounce the French word fourragère . The feminine singular noun most famously references the braided cord-shaped military award. It will be pronounced "foo-ra-zheh-ruh" in southerly French.

How is the word 'ailes' pronounced in French?

'ehl' is the way that 'ailes' is pronounced in French. The word, which means 'wings', is a feminine noun in its plural form. Its plural definite article is 'les' ['the'], and its plural indefinite article 'des' ['some']. With the articles, the word is pronounced 'leh-zehl' and 'deh-zehl'.

How do you pronounce french word in English?

You pronoune French words in English the same way you would in french. If you want to learn how to pronounce certain words, go on Google Translate. Type the word you want to pronounce then click listen. It will say the word for you.

How do you pronounce the french word Jeune?

zhun *The ZH is not pronounced as the Z in English, closer to (jhuhn). The closest consonant sound is the ZS of Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor. (see related sound link) An other way of explaining it would be: The French 'j' is pronounced like the English one except that there is no 'd' at t (MORE)

How do you pronounce the french word allemand?

The pronunciation is "ah-lay-MAW" -- the ND is silent in native French. But the middle E is also nearly silent, so it becomes "ahl-maw." === The pronunciation is "al-man", where an is in fact a nasalized A (the N is not pronounced). Its pronunciation is like the beginning of "aunt" (not th (MORE)

How do you pronounce the french word trente?

"trente" is pronounced pretty much as if were spelled traunt --rhymes with haunt or gaunt. If you have the right stuff on your computer, you can hear it pronounced by going to the related link below.

How do you pronounce the French word oeuvre?

Let's split this word in several parts to be able to pronounce it : "oeu" is one sound, it is like the U in English in "but" "v" is the same sound than in English "r" is the standard French R, it doesn't exist in English, it is like a Spanish J in which you add voice "e" you don't always (MORE)

How do you pronounce the french word les enfants?

[layz ah-n fawh-n] The difficulty here is that there is a difference between the ahn sound of 'e-n' and the more rounded mouth 'awhn' sound of 'a-n' in the same word 'enfants'. Whether the t is pronounced or not is actually regional, but when pronounced, it is very very slight (dare I say, almost Am (MORE)