How do you pronounce the french word venin?

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In french, if the last letter of the word is a consonant it is only pronounced if it is in the word Careful. From that we know the -n on the end of the word will be silent. In french the letter 'e' is generally pronounced as a soft 'uh' sound. So the word would be pronounced vuh-n-o with the 'uh' and the 'o' being very soft.
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How do you pronounce french word j'ai?

j'ai is pronounced like the letter 'J' in English - the JH or ZH consonant does not exist in English. A similar sound is the G in Georges .
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How do you pronounce the French word bobèche in French?

This is actually an easy pronunciation question to answer. (That's not always the case for french words! lol) This is pronounced bo (long o, as in coke) and besh, (short e a