How do you put RT onyour twitter page?

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"RT @-twitterusername- (copy/paste)"
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How can you put Twitter updates in your Facebook?

Click on the "Applications" button in the lower-left corner of your browser, then select "Find New" from the menu. On the Applications page, search "Twitter" and explore the different applications available. Select whichever fits your needs best.

What is the meaning of 'RT' in Twitter?

Retweet/Retweeting RT stands for "ReTweet." To retweet someone's tweet/message is toshare their tweet with your own Twitter followers. When you come across an interesting tweet and you want to help itspread - you retweet it. There's usually a ReTweet button next to each Tweet, so you canusually jus (MORE)

How do you edit your Twitter page?

Through the settings link on the top right of the twitter page. It will link to: When you are finally there, there will be a row of things you can choose to edit such as :Account , Password , Mobile , Notices , Picture, Design and Connections. You will click Desi (MORE)

What is 'RT' in Twitter?

RT is the short form of Re Tweet. With this feature,you can forward a tweet by any other person to your followers.Its like forwarding an email or a message. But RT is not an official Twitter command or feature instead of that direct Retweet button below the tweet is to be used for retweeting!!

How do you put a picture on Twitter?

To post a picture on Twitter click on compose Tweet and the cameraunder and locate or snap the picture. The account can also belinked to Facebook and Instagram for automatic status and pictureshares.

How do you put pictures on Twitter?

There are third party websites you can use to upload pictures which are supported by Twitter. These are TwitPic, Flickr and yFrog amongst others. You can also now upload pictures within your tweets through Twitter. Follow these steps to do that: . Begin a new Tweet and click on the camera (MORE)

How do you put a layout on Twitter?

For Twitter you can add a Twitter background and you can change the colors of the background, the text, and a few other items. First you need to find a background made for Twitter. My favorite twitter background site is, their twitter section is here: (MORE)

How do you RT in Twitter?

To retweet a message in Twitter, all you have to do is to simply click the "RETWEET" button on the upper-right portion of the (tweet) message you want to RT.

What do you put as Tweets on Twitter?

Anything you like! It's main purpose is like a mini blog to let people know what you're doing. So for example you might say "Going out with friends tonight, it should be fun!" etc. You can also reply to other people's tweets and start a conversation with them, rant about things, post links to intere (MORE)

What is the meaning of RT in Twitter?

RT stands for "ReTweet" and is when one Twitter user copy pastes something another Twitter user has said b/c he/she found it interesting and for some reason wanted to repost it on their page.

Does Monique have a Twitter page?

Not sure who you are looking for here, but there is a twitter page for The Mo'Nique Show, here:

What is a Twitter page?

it is a place that if you don't know they can go to your page and find all your information! A twitter page is where all of your tweets are displayed as well as your number of tweets, the number of people you're following, the number of people who follow you and the number of lists you're on. You (MORE)

How do you put a picture on your twitter profile?

If you mean as your "avatar" or "profile picture" just log on, go to Settings, click Profile, click Browse, choose your picture, click it, click open, then wait, save changes, and now either tweet or log out. your picture should change or be added either the next time you tweet or the next time you (MORE)

How do you put Twitter into your website?

If you are meaning putting a link to your Twitter profile, by adding a Twitter button, then simply Google "Get a Twitter Button" and you can find various results. Simply copy the HTML code that they give you and put it where you want it on your website.

Can you erase your Twitter page?

Yes. Click on your username on the top of your page and then Settings. Click on Deactivate my account at the bottom of the page.

Is there a difference between a MT and a RT on Twitter?

RT means "retweet," and implies the original tweet was copied andresent unchanged. MT means "modified tweet" and acknowledges thatthe original tweet was changed somewhat before being sent again.The most common uses for a 'MT' is to shorten a tweet to fit withinthe 140 characters, or to slightly edit (MORE)

Can you put a neon motor in a neon rt?

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Why RT Twitters?

People retweet or use RT to share a tweet to their followers. It is also a sign that the person like or agree the message, it's actually a counterpart of facebook's LIKE button.

How do you put a Twitter bg?

Settings > Design > Change background image Then it'll link you to your folders and then just choose your picture from there. Hope this helped

How do you put a picture of you as a background on Twitter?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to put your picture as a background image on your Twitter Profile: 1. Log-in to your Twitter account 2. Select settings from the menu bar. "Settings" is located in the top right corner and is the fourth option in the menu bar. 3. Select "Design", it will giv (MORE)

Can you put personal details on Twitter?

press the person button next to the scearch bar, then press access profiel, then press edit profile, then type whatever you like in the bio, and location areas.

Can you put your number on Twitter?

That is totally up to you if you want to put your number on Twitter. I would advise against it, though. Twitter is a very public place and giving out personal information such as your number is not a very safe practice.

What should you put on twitter?

Twitter is a free social networking website. You can simply write about your life, try to contact your favourite artists or simply reblog and follow what your friends and idols share.