How do you put in filter to heat pump?

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The air filter will either be located at your "return" or "intake" grill (both are the same, different terminology only) or at the air handler. If you are talking about a refrigerant filter, you need a "bi-flow" refrigerant filter. Most people mount it nearest to the indoor coil and installed on the smaller line, usually 3/8". Even if you have a smaller than 5 ton equipment, I would use a "filter-drier" made for a 5 ton. On a bi-flow filter, It does not matter how or which direction you mount it in the line. A bi-flow filter will have 2 arrows like this -> <- For a standard air conditioning system, (cooling only/non heat pump)the filter drier will have only one arrow -> and should be installed closest to the indoor coil (evaporator) with the arrow pointing towards the evaporator.
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hepa filters catch alot of dirt and things so they slow the air down alot . you should oversize your return to allow the proper amount of air to pass
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How can a heat pump filter drier be differentiated from a standard filter drier?

A filter drier for a cooling only condensing unit will have an arrow pointing in one direction. This is because the refrigerant that passes through it will always flow in the