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How do you put multiple songs in one album in itunes?

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select songs > left click get info > check album with √ > write the album name
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How do you edit multiple songs on iTunes?

Answer   The easiest way to edit multiple songs on iTunes is the click on all the songs you want to edit while holding down the apple button. That should make all of the

How do you delete songs you have multiples of in iTunes?

  # Open iTunes  # View -> Show Duplicates  # Delete one of each duplicate copy (ie. do not delete every song there - only delete the relevant amount so that you are lef

How do you put songs from iTunes to a phone?

1. Well first u connect ur fone 2 the computer using the usb (or ubs cord). 2. Then u go on 2 itunes and click burn. 3. The songs shuold already or automatically upload 2 ur f

How do you put songs on to your iPod from iTunes?

  Turn on the iPod, open up iTunes, and plug in the iPod to your computer with the USB cable it came with. You should see your iPod under "Devices" on the left hand sideba

How do you put album artwork on an ipod with songs from another source other than itunes without an itunes account?

1) Go on a search engine site such as www.google.com   2) Search the album you are looking for in the images section of that site   3) Copy that image of the album (make

How do you put your songs from one computer on to the other using itunes?

There are two ways:   The first way is to take the memory stick from the computer that has your songs on it and stick it into the other computer   The other way is to

How do you select multiple songs on itunes?

Click the first song you want highlighted. Hold down the shift key, and use your down or up arrow key to highlight all of the songs. To check all highlighted songs right click

How do you get the album art when you put songs from a CD into iTunes?

right click the album and select "get album artwork". If that doesn't work, go onto Google images, search the name of the album, find an image, select 'view full size' (you ne

How do you move songs from one album to another on itunes?

Select one of the songs you wish to move. Right-click and select Get Info. Select the Info tab and delete everything apart from the name, then fill in the album name that you

How do you put songs on iTunes free?

You put songs on iTunes free by going on to youtube.com and search the song you want to put (free) on iTunes. Then, under the song link click SHARE, copy the website and go on