How do you put on lots of weight quickly?

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If you have lost a lot of weight by just eating iceypoles will you put a lot of weight on if you start eating normally again?

In this situation whether or not you start gaining weight again shouldn't be a factor!! Eating nothing but iceypoles is extremely bad for your health. You may prefer the way y

How can you quickly lose a lot of weight?

You could go on a diet called spark diet. It includes exercise, eating 3 healthy meals a day and one healthy snack. For more information about how to lose weight fast, see

Cant swallow properly and have put on a lot of weight?

I have a similar problem. Everyone says I should be losing beacuse I can't swallow right. But a couple docs did tell me that my body is not burning the calories right because

Is it safe to loss a lot of weight quickly?

Each person is different and it is always safe to consult a licensed physician before attempting any weight loss program. It is suggested however to drink plenty of water and

How can you put weight on a horse quickly?

you feed it lots and lost of carrots and sugar cubes xo Sugar isn't good for horses. To put weight on a horse you'll need good quality grass hay mixed with alfalfa hay and a