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How do you reconcile each payroll to make sure everything is calculating properly?

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just check to see how many staff came new, how many terminated, how many staff got increment,(salry incresed), how many are on vacation and how many are in unpaid, calculate this amount and then check ur reguarl payroll registry regards kasim
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After finding the coolant chamber empty how do you make sure you refill it and the radiator properly?

  Answer   With the engine cold, remove the radiator cap. If the radaitor is also low, I recommend perfoming a cooling system pressure test to locate the leak. Repai

How is payroll calculated?

Payroll is calculated by taking how many hours the employee worked and multiplying it by how much the employee gets paid per hour. Any money being withheld for taxes, insuranc

What documents a payroll practitioner will use to reconcile the payroll for year end T4 and T4A?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) deadline for receiving T4's and T4A's is the last day of February each year. In order to be compliant with this deadline and to ensure the accu

Meaning of payroll and how is it calculated in payroll?

A payroll is, in layman's terms, the out goings a company has to spend on its staff or human resources. These are often very complicated and difficult to figure out due to fac

How accurate are online payroll deduction calculators?

The accuracy of online payroll deduction calculators really depends on the information that you enter. You might want to look up your government website for your country and s

What is a payroll and how is it calculated?

Payroll In a functional accounting sense, "payroll" consists of an employer's activities related to the compensation it pays to its employees (payroll accounting, payroll tax

What procedures are used each payroll period to prepare the payroll?

Procedures for Preparation of Payroll each Period   A Payroll is a list of employees receiving wages or salaries, with amount due to each. Further to this, other details ab

What computer software is used to calculate the payroll?

The best software to use is MS-Office Worksheet, which is efficient and helpful. But a bigger company might use more-advanced and more-specific software.   There are many p

How do you calculate the employer's portion of payroll taxes?

Answer   The employer portion of the payroll taxes is computed by multiplying the gross wage by the appropriate percentage assigned to that tax. For example, the social s