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Aspirin can be given to help reduce fever in dogs, but since a dog's fever (unlike humans) is usually caused by something that requires medical attention by a professional, I would recommend having a vet check the dog. But if you know what is causing your dog's fever, and that it's safe to treat it yourself, the amount of aspirin to give a dog is 10 - 35 mg per kg of body weight every 8 - 12 hours.

To calculate your dog's body weight from pounds to kg, you would multiply its weight in pounds by .454. For example, if your dog weighs 30 pounds, you would multiply 30 x .454, which = 13.61 kg in body weight. You would then multiply this by the dosage amount to determine how much to give to the dog.

So for a dog that weighs 30 pounds, it would be 13.62 kg x 20 mg of aspirin (going with the mid range dosage of aspirin), which would be one 325 mg aspirin tablet.
It is best to give the dog buffered aspirin to help avoid stomach upset.

You can also bathe your dog in tepid water (slightly above room temperature) to help bring its temperature down. If the dog is too large to pick it up and put in a bath tub, you can use a container of water and a sponge or large cloth.

Dip the cloth in the water, then wipe down the dog with it, dipping the cloth in the water as often as needed to keep it cool. The most effective areas of the dog to wipe is the stomach, abdominal and chest areas, and under it's front and hind legs. These areas have much less hair, so the water will be able to reach the skin much better. Do this every 20 minutes until the dog's fever has come down.

If the dog's fever does not come down within an hour, or if it goes higher, you need to contact your vet. If your vet is not available after hours, contact your nearest emergency after hours animal clinic. They will also often give advice over the phone, and not charge for it.
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How do you reduce a dog fever?

Ask your vet the proper amount of aspirin. It's something tiny compared to humans. The ibuprofin-type stuff is very dangerous for dogs.

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