How do you release sarlac on force unleashed?

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You have to get to each tentacle that is chained. Make sure you have the chain targeted and just throw your lightsaber to break the chain.
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Star Wars the force unleashed?

Yes it's a game that's available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 and 3, the Wii, PlayStation Portable, PC and Mac, iPhone, mobile phones, N-Gage, and Nintendo DS

Cheats for the force unleashed?

Password Effect . MANDALORE. General Rahm Kota. WOOKIEE. Kento's Robe. DANTOOINE. Ceremonial Jedi Robes. KORRIBAN. Sith Stalker Armor. SITHLORD. Darth Vader. HOLOCRON. Sith Robes. YELLOWJCKT. Yavin Luke. JEDIMASTER. Mace Windu. SERENNO. Count Dooku. AAYLA. Aayla Secura. CHOSE (MORE)

How do you get rid of cheats on the force unleashed?

I have the game on the Wii, and whenever I turn off the Wii and then resume later, I have to re-enter the cheats. Apparently the only cheats that are saved are non-gameplay ones, like unlocking all the costumes. But cheats like invincibility must be re-entered each time.

Who are you in force unleashed?

\nDarth Vader's "Secret" Apprentice.\n. \nHe's referred to as Starkiller. Play the game or read the book for more info. Don't wanna spoil it for ya!

Cheat codes for the force unleashed?

x-box 360. Maximum Force powers Enter " KATARN " as a code. Maximum Force Push ranks Enter " EXARKUN " as a code. Maximum Force Repulse ranks Enter " DATHOMIR " as a code. Maximum Saber Throw ranks Enter " ADEGAN " as a code. Amplified lightsaber damage Enter " LIGHTSA (MORE)

Starwars the force unleashed cheats?

I only no 4 but there are others CORTOSIS-Infinite health VERGENCE-Infinite Force COUNTDOOKU-Unlock all force powers TYRANNUS-Max all Force powers to maximum level

What is the ending to the force unleashed?

There are two endings to The Force Unleashed: In the light side ending (which really occurs in the Star Wars timeline) Galen chooses to go after Emperor Palpatine. After a long battle, Galen has the Emperor defeated on the floor. As he is about to kill him, Master Rahm Kota tells you to stop. Kil (MORE)

What happens after you beat the force unleashed?

After you beat the game it will ask you if you want to continue or start a new game. If you continue you start at the first level again but you still have your costumes, lightsaber hilts, and lightsaber crystals you unlocked and you still have your upgrades. If you start a new game you start at lev (MORE)

Is The Force Unleashed 2 for PC?

If you mean Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition then yes it is compatible with PC DVD-ROM, check before buying how much memory it requires and how much memory your computer/laptop has too. Most high-graphic games on PC require a lot of memory and if your computer doesn't have enoug (MORE)

What is force unleashed 2 storyline?

seven months after the first game, Darth Vader takes the now dead starkiller to kamino to be cloned to make the ultimate sith warrior. once again the pawn of Darth Vader he eventually escapes and begins searching for answers about his past and to look for juno. a while after he meets up with rahm ko (MORE)

What is the plot of 'Force Unleashed 2'?

A clone of Starkiller breaks out from the Kamino cloning facility and goes after Juno Eclipse. he rescues general kota and then defeats Darth Vader and takeshim captive abroad the Rouge Shadow. they leave the story when they start to travel to dantoonine

What is the last level on force unleashed?

If you're talking about just TFU, the last level is Death Star(bosses are Darth Vader and Darth Sidious aka Emperor). But if you're talking about the Ultimate Sith Edition, the last level is Hoth(boss is Pilot Luke).

How can you get the hoth level in the force unleashed?

It's a DLC(Down-Loadable Content). You can download it thru XboxLive or PSN(I think). Or you can just buy The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition. It has all the three levels(Jedi Temple, Tatooine, Hoth), costumes, and other stuff.

How did The force unleashed 2 end?

He got killed from himself(a clone of him stabbed him in the back) Uh, that's the Dark Side ending which is noncanon. The actualending was he decided to spare Vader's life and walked over to anunconscious Juno and held her in his arms and when she came to,they finally kissed again. Later, Kota and (MORE)

Is count dooku in the force unleashed?

As a character and part of the plot-line? No. As a "skin" for the main character? Yes. Depending on the format, Count Dooku is either already packaged in as an unlockable skin, or separate as a DLC skin.

How does the force unleashed ii end?

There are two endings, depending on if you choose to kill Vader or not. If you try to kill him, Dark Apprentice appears, kills you, Rahm Kota, and the Rebels on the tower. if you spare Vader, you survive, Vader gets captured (but if you know Episode IV, not for long), and you fly off with Juno, and (MORE)