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The rear bumper cover is fastened to the car in exactly 9 places. Follow this procedure:
  1. Raise the trunk lid
  2. Remove the three push-in fasteners in the center of the top of the bumper, directly underneath where the license plate holder would be when the trunk lid is closed
  3. Jack up the car and remove the driver's rear wheel << you don't *have* to do this. You *can* do the rest without doing this, but your life will be easier if you do. Trust me.
  4. On the driver's side, at the bottom rear of the rear wheel well, remove the two screws that attach the bumper cover to the rear fender
  5. Peel back the wheel well liner (very stiff piece of black plastic). Remove the hidden screw attaching the bumper cover to the fender. This screw is approx 2 inches from the forward edge of the bumper cover.
  6. Repeat for the passenger side
  7. Bumper cover should simply fall off.
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