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How do you remove a state tax lien which was discharged in Ch 7 bankruptcy 3 years ago?

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State statutes govern the execution and/or the lifting of liens against real property. Therefore you will need to consult the laws of your state of residency.
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Can you get a Bankruptcy removed before 7 years?

If you work hard enough and have enough money for it then yeah ans No. Anyone claiming they can remove or change the accurate history of your past should be considered a sca

Who can file a lien on property after a bankruptcy discharge?

No one. Liens can only arise on valid debts. They can be statutory (such as a mechanics lien) or judicial ( a judgment lien). However, bankruptcy discharges the underlying deb

What if any are the tax inplications of debt discharged in a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7: This chapter of bankruptcy law provides for a full liquidation of an entity's non-exempt property to satisfy creditors, and discharges all dischargeable debts  

You filed chapter 7 bankruptcy 3 years ago If you foreclose now on your house can they still come after you for money after a auction?

  Answer   If you reaffirmed the debt during your bankruptcy case, or if you signed new mortgage/note paperwork after your bankruptcy, then they CAN generally come a

Are property taxes discharged with bankruptcy?

Property taxes are not in your records so you dont have to worry about them, if your home goes to foreclosure and bank that owns the house will have to pay those taxes if thy

How do you remove liens and judgments from your credit report that were discharged in a Chapter 7 almost 2 years ago?

Removing Liens and Judgments You can't. By federal law bankruptcies can be reported up to 10 years after filing, assuming a discharge, of all discharged unsecured debts. Lie

Will Chapter 7 Bankruptcy discharge state sales tax?

Absolutely not. Even in the BKs with the highest powered of lawyers...and Corporations....the last things done before filing BK is pay the sales and withholding taxes! In

How do you remove a state tax lien from your credit report?

What is reported is not under your control (unless you can prove it is erroneous). The one reporting it is the one to remove or change it. They of course need to be given a re

If you have a tax lien and judgment removed and are added to a credit card with 3 years of perfect history how much will your credit score to go up?

Why don't you get your credit scores before and after these events take place and let us know? Oh, but of course, your information would only pertain to your particular credi
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How do you reopen a Chapter 7 case and petition to remove a lien showing from a discharged judgment?

A debtor who wishes to reopen a closed bankruptcy case to remove a lien normally has to first file a Motion to Reopen the bankruptcy case with the Bankruptcy Court. The Bankr
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What form do you need to file to have a lien removed after the debt has been discharged in bankruptcy?

 Answer   A debtor who wishes to reopen a closed bankruptcy case to remove a lien normally has to first file a Motion to Reopen the bankruptcy case with the Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy discharged 7 years ago can you file again?

  Under the bankruptcy laws effective on October 17, 2005, Chapter 7 cannot be filed unless the debtor was discharged from the previous Chapter 7 or bankruptcy more than e