How do you remove an asbestos coated sewer pipe?

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If I were doing it and I have, I would cut the asbestos with a utility knife, carefully peel the asbestos off, put it in a trash bag and throw it away. I can't get excited about a little asbestos. If you are around it all day every day, yes, you run a risk of it affecting you. A one time exposure I can't worry about. Wear a dust mask if you want.

The other option is to call a professional who will show up with the moon suits and charge you hundreds of dollars to do it. Your choice.
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What company do you contact to remove asbestos?

Answer . An Asbestos Abatement Contractor.\nCheck there may be a listing???\nEPA is sanctioning/governing body concerning asbestos..

How is a vent-less sewer system piped?

Terrible idea to depend on a mechanical piece of rubber to keep carcinogenic fumes from entering your home /office

Is asbestos harmful if used in water pipes?

Concrete pipes used to carry water were sometimes made with asbestos, which was used to stregnthen the pipe. Over years and years of water running through the pipes, some erosion will occur and asbestos fibers will get into the water being distributed - although in very low concentrations.. If the use of water contaminated with small concentrations of asbestos is harmful, then asbestos use in water pipes is harmful.. The problem is that there is no agreement in the scientific community as to whether asbestos in water at the concentrations observed is, in fact, harmful.

I have a clay sewer pipe running from the main line in the basement floor. It is all cracked and doesn't appear to be in use. What could have been the purpose of this pipe and can it be removed?

\nThis may be an old sewer system probably going to a septic drain field. Before you discard this be sure you have a working potty draining system.

When laying sewer pipe what is the grade?

Depends on the fixture unit value I was looking for and the diameter of the piping involved

How do you clean cast iron sewer pipes?

To scour them use a water Jetter as it removed years of build up soap scum and grease deposits and scale.

How do you replace sewer pipes yourself?

The way you ask this question is too broad. Which part of your sewer pipe needs replacing? Exposed pipe in your basement or crawlspace is too simple for you to be asking about. If you mean the sewer pipe that connects your house to the city sewer (generally under the street) you have a big task. Depending on what part of the country you are in, this section of your sewer pipe can be anywhere between 4 feet and 20 feet deep. In either case you'll need a backhoe to dig it up.

Crown of sewer pipe?

Near the very top The crown of a pipe is at the very top of the inside.

Who removes asbestos?

Asbestos must be removed by a certified professional who has theproper equipment and techniques. Asbestos can break down smallenough to cause significant harm when abraded or disturbed.

Are there grants in Ohio for asbestos removal from heating pipes?

Several sources of grants are available in Ohio for removingasbestos from heating pipes. The Ohio EPA has information on theseprograms.

Why is asbestos removal a controversy?

Removing asbestos is very expensive because the substance is so dangerous. Anyone who removes asbestos has to be properly trained and certified, bringing up the cost. On top of that, a lot of special equipment is needed for the job. Because it's so expensive, but so necessary in some cases, it can get a little bit controversial. People have to choose between paying high fees, or putting themselves in danger of developing cancer later in life.

How much slope on 6 in sewer pipe?

Depends on how many fixture units are being served .... Normally 1/8 in per ft

Asbestos removal wages?

Currently in the UK, asbestos removl operatives can be paid between £80 to £120 per day dependent on the company, project and location of the works. it must be pointed out that this is as a self-employed person so there will be NI and tax to pay off that.. This is an average, but it gives some idea, supervisors could receive upto £20 per day more.

Is Asbestos Removal necessary?

Asbestos removal is only really necessary if the material is beyond repair or prior to demolition or refurbishment. Any asbestos containing material that is in a good condition should be managed to ensure there is no fibre release.

Where is the clean out pipe for sewer located?

Ideally 1- Every change of the direction greater then 45 deg 2- at the base of the stack / leader 3- Every 50 feet 4- At the main house trap

How do you prepare asbestos for removal?

Asbestos should be removed only by specialy trained persons. removal is also covered under law, this will vary from country to country, state to state.. to prepare it, it should be made damp, preferably sealed, and removed as whole as possible. When working with asbestos, the priority is to stop or reduce fibre release, prevent the spread of it and limit the persons exposure to it.. PLEASE Consult a LOCAL specialist or Authority before attempting any work with asbestos!

How cleaning plug up sewer pipe?

That would depend on the stoppage type water Jetting soft stoppages such as sand /silt grease and rodding for hard stoppages such roots

How do you unfreeze sewer pipes?

The easiest way and safest to thaw sewer lines is the use of a water Jetter with warm water NOT hot as you do not want to thermo shock the pipe

How are concrete sewer pipes made?

Concrete and cast Iron pipes are made of cast iron and plastic piping systems normally use plastics

How do you install sewer pipes to existing pipes?

Normally at right angles to the existing piping flow, IF it can handle the added volume

What is the inside diameter of Asbestos Cement Pipe?

Asbestos cement pipe was made in many different sizes. The two types of Asbestos cement pipe are rough and machined. Currently the sizing of AC (Asbestos Cement Pipe) is divided into three classifications. The three classes are Class 100, Class 150, and Class 200. Standard AC sizes are 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 24". A decent reference page for the OD sizing of machined and rough barrel pipe is available at the related link, below, giving a pipe outer diameter chart.

How do you remove asbestos?

Only properly trained and qualified people should be involved in the removal of asbestos-containing materials. . Removal is most often done by enclosing the work area in plastic, ventilating the work area through a filtered exhaust fan, wetting the materials to reduce dust emission, and then removing the material and placing it inside a plastic bag which is sealed and placed in another bag and sealed. Everyone in the work area during the removal activity wears fully covering, disposable clothing, including hoods and gloves, and filtered respiratory protection at all times. . All people and objects leaving the work area are showered or washed down and the wash water is processed through high efficiency filters before being released to the sewers. The work area is carefully wiped down to remove any fibers that were released during the removal, special air sampling is performed to confirm the removal of all fibers, and the work enclosure is then disassembled. . The waste is burred in specially designated landfills.

Why are sewer pipes capped after is removed?

To prevent "dead ends" which is a line 24" or more that is not vented. Also the plugging /capping of sewer /vent lines is used to prevent toxic fumes from escaping or allowing debris to enter the drainage system

How do replace sewer clay pipe?

By replacing the piping using either Cast Iron of one of the non ferrous systems available

How do you unfreeze underwater sewer pipes?

The easiest way would be use of a water Jetter with warm water so as not to thermo shock the piping

What was the percentage of asbestos in asbestos-cement pipe?

You would have to take a sample and send it to a lab for analysis. They will send you the percent and type.

What is the percentage of asbestos in asbestos cement pipe?

15% - 50% generally referred to as "Transite" a popular brand ofcementitious pipe and tile materials manufactured by Johns-ManvilleCorp

What is the Cost of replacing a borken sewer pipe?

Normally $600 per ft Not including trenching and shoring and filing fees and inspections and back filling and tampering and under ground insurance and environmental concerns with back filling with clean fill

Can you machine asbestos cement pipe in California?

You can machine asbestos pipe but doing so requires the use of very specialzed equipment andis not usually a good idea. Look for an alternative material.

What is the cost of repairing a sewer pipe with a liner?

It is substantially cheaper than replacement, but many plumbing codes restrict or prohibit relining of pipes.

Can you sue your landlord if the sewer pipes are busted?

Of course you can sue. I am constantly called as an expert witness and recently after my deposition the insurance company decided to pay an out of court settlement in excess of $100,000. Results do vary but having testified for many years in civil supreme courts I never lost a case. If you have a decent law firm working with the right expert your changes of success increase dramatically. You normally get what you pay for

How do you hide a sewer clean out pipe?

All clean outs have to be accessible or what is the purpose of installing them? They can be placed behind an access door or under a floor plate

How do you clear a sewer pipe connection of roots?

For hard materials such as roots compacted mud, rags a cable has to be used and in no case less then 3/4" when roots are encountered

Can water and sewer pipes be in the same trench?

Yes, but with certain requirements as the water piping has to be higher then the sewer line among other code items

How do you know if the sewer pipe has collapsed?

The toilet will usually not flush. A plumber can run a camera down the drain to check. Depending on where you live and how far he goes it will be around $100 or more to check.

Can you remove asbestos roofing?

Asbestos roofing can be removed, but it should be done by a team who are properly trained and equipped to do that safely.

How do you join asbestos pipe and iron pipe?

You wold join asbestos pipe and iron pipe with great care, being sure to avoid disturbing the asbestos pipe or releasing dust. The best solution would be to remove the asbestos pipe (following established procedures to ensure it is done properly, by qualified people) and run new pipe.

When was asbestos removed from artex?

Mid 1980s. Textured surfacing materials applied BEFORE that date should be presumed to contain asbestos until a laboratory test says otherwise. See the link below for information on Artex.

What are the pipes used in a sewer system?

Drain/sewer and vent pipes in newer homes are either ABS (black) or PVC (white) plastic cell core pipes. The sewer line that runs from the home to the street or septic can very to alot of different kinds of pipe and some are good and some fail alot. If you live in a older home or have a older commercial building chances are you can have either bell cast iron, copper or galvanized and in some cases clay unless it has been upgraded. . Galvanized in most civilized codes can NOT be used under ground (unless coated) . Sewer piping under ground can be Type K copper, Service weight CI, HXCI, NH CI, clay pipe , Class 22 CI

Is it ok to use a surgical mask instead of a respirator to remove a small area of asbestos - two wet pipes about two feet long?

Surgical masks are NOT designed to protect the wearer and should never be used for protection from hazardous dusts such as asbestos. Asbestos containing materials should be removed only by someone formally trained in the proper removal and disposal of asbestos.

How can you clean out sewer pipes?

Your drains run slow when it is clogged even after many trials itwont stop.Also after you flush there may be sound of water for muchtime in such cases there is a need to call for sewerline repair services as they will inspect the blockagesby video inspection method and then decide which method to be usedfor unclogging and apply the proper method thus problem is solved.

How do you get slope for sewer pipe?

First you must calculate the fixture unints that are needed then based on the FU you can then increase the soil/ waste line to allow the needed pitch for the fixture unit value

How are asbestos removed?

Asbestos is removed with create care by trained people using methods that are designed to prevent release of asbestos fibers to the air, and to control and capture any that are released. No one who is not trained and equipped to do this should attempt asbestos removal.

How much does it cost to remove asbestos?

Not sure , depending on how much to be removed. Very expensive. containment and disposal of the asbestos need to happen.

Why do sewer pipes overflow?

Normally drainage piping over flows because 1- a stoppage /blockage 2- under sized for drainage fixture units conected 3- back pitched or poorly installled

How do asbestos pipe and iron pipe differ?

Asbestos pipe is made of cement that contains asbestos fibers. Iron pipe is made from cast iron.

What is the weight of 4 inch asbestos pipe?

The weight of the pipe will depend on its volume, The volume in turn, will depend on . inner radius or diameter, . outer radius or diameter, . length. Only one of these is given.

What are the best methods of asbestos removal?

Even though removing asbestos is actually more dangerous than leaving it alone, there are four methods for asbestos removal. These include: controlled wet stripping, dry stripping, hot stripping, and high pressured water removal.

How are asbestos cement pipe sections joined?

With a sleeve coupling made of same material as pipe and sealed with an elastomeric ring.

What is the purpose of a sewer pipe?

The purpose of a sewer pipe is to collect waste from drains and peoples homes and transport it through the sewer system to the sewer plant. There it is treated and the water is recycled.