How do you remove egg stains from vinyl siding?

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Sometimes it is a simple as using a high quality white eraser.
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How do you remove wood stain from vinyl windows?

I'm a painting contractor and have had problems with employees getting overspray on window vinyl. What has worked for us is acetone or a product called goof off. But first try

How do you remove brown stains from a vinyl pool?

Answer . \nWhen we had stains or opened up our pool in the spring, after getting the debris out and the water was clean, and the "chlorine level was very high" that is whe

How do you remove an egg stain from vinyl siding?

Since egg stains on vinyl siding are extremely difficult to remove (not even high volume power-washing will take it off) you have nothing to lose by trying this before having

How do you remove a polyurethane stain from vinyl flooring?

Bostik makes a urethane glue remover. Be sure to read the directions carefully. You can call Bostik at 978-777-0100 and ask a technical support person first, to be sure. This

Can you Stain vinyl siding?

Vinyl Staining . You can stain them but you have to sand them first (in one direct) to give them a tooth and create a pattern for the stain to follow. You have to remember

How to remove yellow stains from vinyl flooring?

Some vinyls will stain and there is nothing you can do to remove it. When this happens, it is usually caused by having asphalt on your shoe soles. If this is the case, the sta

How do you remove stains from vinyl tabletop?

To clean stains from vinyl tabletop, I use a clean cloth and a mild dish soap and water. Dry the countertop after washing to prevent water from pooling in the seams. Stained

How do you remove Biro stain from floor vinyl?

The best method is Cif or similar mildly abrasive cream cleaner.Pour a little over the stain and with a tissue gently rub over theblotch. It may take a little bit of work, but

How do you remove insecticide stains from vinyl blinds?

Almost all are water based-so soap and water. You will have to dothe hard way to prevent damage and pinch w/very wet rag across eachone (slat) A few do have solvents in them i