How do you remove egg stains from vinyl siding?

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Sometimes it is a simple as using a high quality white eraser.
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How do you remove brown stains from the deep end of a vinyl pool?

There is a product on the market that we use with our pool customers. It is called "Stain Out" by Regal Brand. It is best to use when the chlorine is level is below .5 ppm. You add this product by sprinkling directly over the problem area after is has been pre dissolved in a bucket of water. Shortly thereafter you add a "metal out" remover. This product is ideal for treating metal and mineral stains from vinyl, fiberglass, plaster and tile surfaces. For more information contact us at JP

How do you remove wood stain from vinyl windows?

I'm a painting contractor and have had problems with employees getting overspray on window vinyl. What has worked for us is acetone or a product called goof off. But first try it in a spot not so obvious. Good Luck, Steve

Is there any way to remove an egg stain on a butcherblock top?

After using a scrubbing pad with dish soap to remove the egg, youcan try using table salt and lemon juice. Scrub with the lemonjuice and allow the mix to sit for a few minutes. Alternatively,spray with diluted white vinegar. After a few minutes, thoroughlywipe off.

How can you remove black algae stains from the floor in the deep end of a vinyl lined inground pool?

Black algae is very hard to get rid of You need to get down there with something an scrub the surface of the algae. this will damage it so that algaecides will be able to penetrate it Hit the pool with a suitable algaecide you will be able to get this at your pool shop and also try putting some dry chlorine in a sock and place it directly on the worst affected areas, leave it for a while and see what happens.

What are stain removers?

Answer . \nDefinition: Spot stain removers are used to treat a small stained area on washable fabrics. Some stain removers are formulated for specific types of stains like oils and greases, proteins, etc. There are also spot stain removers available for treating specific stains. Clothing treated with spot stain removers will need to be washed. See the directions to know how soon treated clothing will need to be laundered.

How do you remove brown stains from a vinyl pool?

Answer . \nWhen we had stains or opened up our pool in the spring, after getting the debris out and the water was clean, and the "chlorine level was very high" that is when we would scrub the pool liner down with nylon brushes, "high chlorine level and nylon brushes" is all we used and when we were done the liner looked great.

How do you remove an egg stain from vinyl siding?

Since egg stains on vinyl siding are extremely difficult to remove (not even high volume power-washing will take it off) you have nothing to lose by trying this before having to replace that section of vinyl siding: Mix some non-abrasive filler such as sanding dust with an enzyme laundry detergent and spread a past of this over the affected surface. Cover it with plastic wrap to keep the past damp for as long as possible. Then rise off the surface. The theory behind this solution (told by a vinyl siding expert) is this solution is to have the enzymes stay active and in contact with the spots for a while so that the paste has a chance to soften them. It is much like soaking a cooking pan to remove baked-on food debris. It is also the approach recommended for removing dried on egg stains from the side of a home. You may also use the mr.clean magic earsers to clean dried egg off. If this doesn't work, then take a piece of siding from another part of the house (that has aged) to match the piece you want to replace. This is less costly than replacing a larger area (color change would be brighter and stick out like a sore thumb) or, paint it. If you want to pain this part of the house then see your hardware store dealer and ask for advice on what paint to use.

Is there any way to remove an egg stain on car paintwork?

To remove egg from paint work you have to act fast otherwise egg will attack the paint,get boiling water or very hot water and a thick cloth just clean the egg off as soon and quickly as you can,i know health and safety but come on guys use your common sense i know hot or boiling water just clean the paintwork as soon as

How do you remove a polyurethane stain from vinyl flooring?

Bostik makes a urethane glue remover. Be sure to read the directions carefully. You can call Bostik at 978-777-0100 and ask a technical support person first, to be sure. This product works excellent on wood flooring, not sure about vinyl, so I'd call them first.

Can you Stain vinyl siding?

Vinyl Staining . You can stain them but you have to sand them first (in one direct) to give them a tooth and create a pattern for the stain to follow. You have to remember that vinyl is plastic and that it sweats. Once you've broken it's seal and applied another chemical, you are opening the door for a reaction (as minute as it may seem). If you can avoid this process and come up with a better solution, like using the spray paint for plastics (Home Depot), you should.

How do you remove a denim stain from a white vinyl handbag?

I've used Goo Gone to remove stains from vinyl bags before. I would test it on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn't harm the finish. I used it mostly to remove surface stains and dirt, so if your stain is deep into the vinyl it might not work as well.

What are in stain removals?

one chemical is surfactants which breakdown surface tension. This allows for simplier chemicals so enzymes can work better and it makes lquids 'wetter' so disolving of the substances can occur. Some stain removals have bleaches or oil-type ingredients to work on different 'stains'.

How much does it cost to remove vinyl siding on a house?

The cost to remove vinyl siding on a house will vary from companyto company, and will also be impacted by the size of your home. Asa general guideline, you should expect to pay between $1,000, and$3,000 to have the old siding removed, and taken away.

How do you remove egg from aluminum siding?

Soap and water will remove egg from aluminum siding. If you use ahigh powered pressure washer to get the surface wet and then scrubwith some soap it will rinse right off.

What are the side-effects of swallowing a small amount of stain remover?

I can't answer this exactly as you've not told me the kind of stain remover. However, I am not aware of any stain remover that is safe at all. As such, I have two recommendations for you:. Call the emergency number listed on the container. . Call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 . They're a nationwide no-cost service that handles this question expertly -- all day, every day. . Whichever you choose, I'd call one or the other NOW.

How to remove yellow stains from vinyl flooring?

Some vinyls will stain and there is nothing you can do to remove it. When this happens, it is usually caused by having asphalt on your shoe soles. If this is the case, the stain is in the seal coat of the vinyl and does not come out. If you try bleach, be careful of about the amount you use and how long it remains on the floor. This too, can be a staining agent over time.

Which brand of stain remove remove stains?

Genesis 950 - by far the best stain remover available. In additionto removing stains, it also kills bacteria which prevents odors -GREAT for pet stains and carpet cleaning!

What is the best way to clean raw eggs off of vinyl siding?

believe it or not,WD40,it works great on vinyl and other surfaces and contains mostly fish oil so there is no toxins to worry about. go to any hardware and get it ,spray it,wait 10minutes and hose off. stubborn spots,retreat and use a soft bristle brush...

How can you remove a stain without stain remover?

Grab an empty spray bottle. put a bit of soap in, and abit of shampoo. fill it with cold water. spray the mixture onto the spray and rub gently with a cloth and the stain fades completely so there is nothing there at all! good luck! let me know how it goes.

How do you remove algae stains from vinyl pool liner?

The best solution and have found (and done many times) is liquid laundry soap and a good wide tire scrub brush. The generic laundry soap seems to work the best! You can get a cheap bottle at your local $$ store. The wide tire brush is stiff enough to clean, but soft enough to not rip the liner. I put the soap into a wide angle spray bottle and sprayed about a 1 ft section at a time. Then scrub and rinse as you go. It is time consuming, but it will work to remove the stains, new algae, and restore the liner material. Most chemicals actually slowly deteriorate the liner! Also works great on the outside of the vinyl and soft side pools.

How do you remove stains from vinyl tabletop?

To clean stains from vinyl tabletop, I use a clean cloth and a mild dish soap and water. Dry the countertop after washing to prevent water from pooling in the seams. Stained areas can be treated with a baking soda paste. Mix a 3:1 ratio of baking soda and water. Spread over the stain. Let sit for 3-5 minutes before wiping away. Don't scrub the countertop because, although it's a mild abrasive, the baking soda can damage the finish of the countertop. If I were you, I would buy magic eraser. It's great. It really works. Just wet it, squeeze out excess water and with a circle movement clean the area to remove the stain. Another suggestion, but harder to accomplished is to use a vapor steamer. They are great. I hope this would help.

What vinyl deck stains are available?

You can use a 100% acrylic solid stain on a vinyl deck without using a primer. It will be opaque, like a paint, but will not mask the texture that gives the appearance of wood.

Can you stain a vinyl deck?

Yes, you could stain vinyl, but I wouldn't. Actually, you could stain nearly anything it just wouldn't always come out the way you hoped. Vinyl would not take a semi-transparent stain the same way wood does. There are no pores or grain patterns to absorb the stain. The results would be a little odd looking. Every nick, scratch, blemish or other imperfection would stand out 100 fold. Your best bet, if you just want to change the color of your deck, would be to apply a solid, non transparent exterior stain or a quality exterior paint. The trick in doing either of those is in the prep. Because the vinyl will oxidize over time it must be removed or sealed out completely before applying a finish. If you take your finger and rub it on an area that gets a lot of sun, you will see the oxidization on your finger. First thing to do is power wash the deck. After it dries you apply a coat of exterior primer/sealer and let that dry. Then you can apply the color of paint you desire and you shouldn't have any problems. Remember, if you want your new deck color to last don't take short cuts in the preparation. Good luck!

How do you remove Biro stain from floor vinyl?

The best method is Cif or similar mildly abrasive cream cleaner.Pour a little over the stain and with a tissue gently rub over theblotch. It may take a little bit of work, but it should come off.If there are tiny traces left over, use a few drops of nail varnishremover. But wipe away with water quickly. The acetone in theremover, if left on, may blister the vinyl.