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How do you remove or terminate electrical wires?

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wires, should never be 'buried', meaning they should never be lost in a wall, etc. you should cap wires off in a readily accessable box. if you can identify a wire, meaning you are absolutley sure a wire goes from a to b with no other connections; i use a method. first i tape a written tag on the wire staiting its' former use, then i wrap tape on the end and fold each wire over and tape it to itself, creating a noose out of each individual wire.the terminated cable should physically be unable to conduct in this format, and the next guy down the road gets to know what you did.
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A wire diagram for a Mercedes 190 Ignition switch. A locksmith made a mess of removing the ignition Now you have to rewire it and am not sure which coloured wire connects to what terminal?

Answer . RE Wiring for ignition switch. the below is for 190 merc (w201 model) hope this is of use to you. CIRCUIT 30 = RED 2 CONNECTIONS. CIRCUIT 50 = PURPLE. CUICUI

When wiring an electrical plug which terminal silver or brass does the white conductor attach?

Answer . Silver. See step 10 at the following link for safety purposes. See related links below.. Answer . There is a saying to help remember: Black to brass to save

What is electrical wiring?

Electrical wire is the medium through which electricity is carried to and through each individual home that uses electrical power. It is made of a metal that easily conducts e

What is the terminal color for a hot wire?

Having done this for many years, the best answer I can give you is:. A hot wire can be any color.. I say this not only because in the U.S., hot wires are allowed to be any c

What is in an electric wire?

An Electrical wire is used to flow the electrons from one point another point . Copper or aluminum is insulated with polythine is called wire

How do you use a single terminal car horn on a two terminal electrical wiring system?

On a vehicle, the return path to the battery is through the vehicle's framework. The negative terminal of the battery is connected to the frame of the vehicle. The reason ther

What do electrical wires have in them....?

Copper, although it is not 100 % pure, it is still copper. for larger cables you can still get aluminum, but it is much more brittle and you can only work with it so much till

How do you terminate direct burial wire?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz supply service. Termination of direct burial wire is done as you would terminate any other set of wires. However, direct
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What is the use of wire terminal?

A wire terminal is used in electrical wiring. It is used to hold the wires when wiring switches and receptacles. There are different types of terminals including screw termina

How far is electrical wire stripped back for termination lengths?

The cut back length is determined by the depth of the terminal. For smaller wire use a length of terminal plus 1/8 th of an inch. Larger wire lug length plus 1/4 to 3/8 ths of