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How do you remove or terminate electrical wires?

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wires, should never be 'buried', meaning they should never be lost in a wall, etc. you should cap wires off in a readily accessable box. if you can identify a wire, meaning you are absolutley sure a wire goes from a to b with no other connections; i use a method. first i tape a written tag on the wire staiting its' former use, then i wrap tape on the end and fold each wire over and tape it to itself, creating a noose out of each individual wire.the terminated cable should physically be unable to conduct in this format, and the next guy down the road gets to know what you did.
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When wiring an electrical plug which terminal silver or brass does the white conductor attach?

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Copper, although it is not 100 % pure, it is still copper. for larger cables you can still get aluminum, but it is much more brittle and you can only work with it so much till