How do you remove paint from grout on a rock fireplace?

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chemically strip it.
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How do you remove latex paint from ceramic tile and grout without damaging the tile?

Latex paint from tile I just finished painting my own bathroom. Just use a putty knife on a slight tilt and carefully push on the paint spots (don't rush this job), then wipe

Remove paint from cast iron fireplace?

Well I had the same problem before. A little bleach fixed the problem. --------- It depends on the kind of paint that's on the metal. Latex paint will come off a number of

How do you remove emulsion paint from grout without damaging the ceramic tiles and grout?

I'm using Mr. Muscle cleaning fluid and using a steel wool cleaner to rub the paint off. It does get the paint off the grout, but you need to be careful not to scratch the til

How do you remove blue stains from grout?

My dad does tile and i help him out every once and a while with it.. and one time something similar to this happened and we had to get a chisel and hammer and scrape the mark

How do you remove grout?

You can buy a little scraper tool that has a pointed or 'v'shaped end to clean the gap between the tiles without damaging them. after that its a matter of re-grouting. Make su

How do you remove latex paint from porcelain tile and grout?

Tough one, as grout is like a micro hard sponge. Latex is water based, so if you use hot soapy water and apply it to grout area and let it sit for 3-5 minutes, then use a to

How do you remove grout from bricks?

It is probably cement, not grout. Chip out any that is loose or discolored--probably using a well-aimed hammer and chisel. Then replace with cement that is made for patching s
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Grouting intensity number in rock grouting?

The Grouting Intensity Number (GIN) involves the energy expended, which is grouting pressure P, and the grout volume injected V. The product PV is called the Grouting Intensit
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How do you remove paint from fireplace bricks?

The answer to this has to be separated into categories: 1. A few drops spattered while painting the walls. Use Goof-Off or a similar latex paint remover, a rough clean clot
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How do you remove oil based paint from grout joints?

Unless your grout was well sealed, that may be impossible. Unsealed grout will soak up paint to the extent it may be necessary to either remove the grout or paint over it with
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How do you remove indoor paint from the marble tiles around your fireplace?

If it's a latex paint, a product like Goof-off or Ooops works well to remove the paint. Krud-Kutter is a spray cleaner that removes dried latex paint and is available at many