How do you remove rust stains on a roof?

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Oxalic or Muriatic Acid diluted with water will remove rust stains from a roof. Here in Tampa, Muriatic Acid is common, used for swimming pools. Diluted 1 part acid to 4 parts water, it will remove rust stains off a roof. Plain Vinegar is a mild acid, and should be tried first! You may have to apply several applications of it, but we here at Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa suggest you try it first ? More roof rust stain removal info may be had by going here
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How can you remove rust stains from a painted wall on the outside of a house?

If you put a whole jar of Tang in a rusty dishwasher and run a full cycle the dishwasher comes out bright as new! Perhaps make a paste of Tang and water and scrub-brush it onto the rust stains. Rust Stains are easy to STOP before they START. Homeowners, all over the Country, who pump their sprinkle (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from a marble tabletop?

First thing to try is industrial acetone that you buy at any hardware store. Put it on a soft rag to scrub a bit. It may take several tries, but should work. Just be careful not to get the acetone on any of the stained wood. Secondly, Bar Keepers Friend in a soft paste. On polished marble don't s (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from screws or nails in an inground diamond-brite pool?

Swimming pool rust stain removal. Regular pool acid will work. Takea length of PVC pipe and point and touch the stain. You willprobably need it 8 feet long depending on how far down the floorthe stain is located. Carefully pour 2 cups of muriatic acid downthe pipe and wait a minute for the acid to g (MORE)

If you have lots of rust stains from nails and washers in your plaster in-ground pool because of the hurricane blowing them off of the roof into the pool can they be cleaned?

Answer If you can drain your pool take muriatic or hydrachloric acid mix 4 to 1 with water and give your pool an acid wash.Rinse the surface add acid keeping the surface wet add acid then scrub with a stiff brush, Repeat as needed for each stain Answer The first response is correct, however I want (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from shower walls?

Answer . From the book "Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean" she says this about removing rust: Rub with rough cloth or make a mix of commercial liquid rust remover and whiting powder (from local paint store), form a paste and put it on the rust stain. Cover it with plastic and sealed with mas (MORE)

How do you get a rust-colored stain out of a collar?

Answer . \nClub Soda. It's AMAZING!. Answer . If it really is rust, you should be able to get some of the solution for removing rust from carpet. Brush that into the shirt colar then run the shirt through the washer to make sure you get it all out. Test the solution on a shirt-tail or other (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from clothing?

To remove rust stains from fabric, lay it on paper towels. Soak the stains with fresh lemon juice (Bottled ones work too). Lay the paper towels with the fabric out in the sun to dry. the stains will disappear. Wash as normal aftewards.

How do you remove rust stains?

water the part with the rust on it, then use a big knife to get the rust hold it up and hold it down keep on doing it until the rust will disappear? not sure ok... just saw it in others....

How do you remove rust stains from a wood floor?

Answer . goo be gone can be bought at the grocery store -read the back of the plastic bottle-i know it will remove rust but you need to see if wood floors are included or exclued. i hope goo be gone works for you try a small amount at a time and see how effective it is good luck

How do you remove rust stains from fiberglass boats?

Answer . Try using CLR, but don't leave it on the gelcoat for too long as it will dull the surface. Otherwise, cut it back with 1200 grit wet & dry and buff it with compound.. After cleaning and removing the rust ... use Zirlon clear top coat .. it will stop the rust and put the gloss back onto (MORE)

Is there a product that will remove rust or iron stains from hair?

yes, their is a product that removes rust and iron build up/stains from your hair. Ion Purifying Solutions Crystal Clarifying Treatment available at Sally's Beauty Supply (,default,pd.html)

How do i Remove rust stains from a dishwasher?

Put in "No More Yellow" (not yellow out) into the dishwasher and run it through a cycle. (empty, of course). Then run the dishwasher at least once more to clean out any existing residue. No More yellow is toxic, but as long as you put the dishwasher through a full cycle once again, it will be fine. (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from concrete?

Best Answer: Bleach will only remove a small portion of the stain and the scrub brush on concrete will definitely cause permanent damage to the concrete. Once concrete is "spot treated" with improper tools, chemicals or techniques it can be permanently damaged. Battery acid stains are not rust and (MORE)

How can you remove rust stains from a ceiling?

Use a product called "KILZ" that you paint over it then repaint the ceiling .If you do this in the right order it will not come through. Just paint it and it will always bleed through over time.

How do you remove rust from asphalt shingle roofs?

We have used many different types of rust removers for this type of restoration. We didn't have much luck with any of them until we came across a product called F9 Concrete Rust Remover. I think they called it F9 BARC. So I called them and they sent out a professional because this stuff is for pr (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from car paint?

In order to remove rust stains from car paint, you will need to buyrust removing acid. This acid needs to be applied to the affectedarea. It then needs to sit for about two hours and eventually beremoved with a wet sponge.

How do you remove rust stains from dishes?

To remove rust stains from dishes, you can use lemon juice and salton the stain spots and let this mixture remain on the dishes for atleast 24 hours before removing them with water. You can repeat theprocess if some stains remain. During the 24 hours, you should addsmall drops of the lemon juice to (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from your enamel sink?

Use more salt than water to make a paste, then rub it on the rust stain.. There are a variety of products that will effectively remove rust, some of which are:. Wink Rust Remover is a liquid, which allows you to just squirt it on the rust, wait a few seconds, then rinse it off, with no scrubbing r (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from carpet?

1. Using a spray bottle, spray lemon juice onto the affected area.Or you can use cotton calls, sponge to put the lemon juice onto thestain. Leave the juice on the stain for at least 5 minutes, but nomore than 10 minutes. Blot the stain with a clean white cloth orpaper towel. 2. Mix a solution: Put 4 (MORE)

How do you remove rust stains from an interior painted wall?

Answer#1 With hydro-flouric acid. AKA, rust stain remover. Just don't get any of it on a glass surface, it will damage it! (NOT to be confused with hydro- chloric acid) Answer Gently sand the rusted area and then use a damp cloth to remove the dust. Use Kilz or other primer to cover the s (MORE)

How do you remove rust colored stains from swimming pool steps?

Add stain and scale remover to your water. I will get those kinds of stains too if I don't use the stain and scale when filling the pool, or a couple of times after big big rains. It is caused by metals, usually iron, copper, and manganese in your water. The stain and scale remover will trap those (MORE)

What is in rust remover?

Most simple rust removers contain phosphoric acid, which dissolves flaky or granular rust, but does not seriously attack the parent steel. In fact it leaves a fine coating of iron phosphate which is a slight protective, and provides a good substrate for paint. Scrub off as much of the flaky scale (MORE)

How can calamansi remove rust stain?

Calamansi is a citrous fruit and rust stain can be removed by citric acid. Just put calamansi on affected area and let it stay for 40 minutes then gently brush it to remove the stain.

What is used to remove stain of rust on clothes?

SA8 Laundry care is the best in the world for your requirement. This product is economical, bio-degradable, So safe for nature. it's suitable for all types of water ( hot,salt,cold). If you concern about our green world, which will be the suitable for you. If you are one among them you go (MORE)

Why do you get rust stains?

Assuming you're talking about rust stains on outdoor brick orconcrete, you could get them from the sprinkler system if the homehas well water. Also, areas (generally in the US South) with highconcrentrations of red clay in the earth can look like rust stainsas its the iron oxide (rust) in the red cl (MORE)

What removes rust stains from in ground fiberglass pool?

Oxalic acid. Place it directly on top of the stain. This can be done with a section of PVC pipe. Put the pipe on top of the stain and pour the oxalic acid down the pipe and let it sit there for a few hours. You will have to find it at a chemical supply source in your area as pool stores do not carry (MORE)