How do you remove stains from a swimming pool?

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Visit to discover how to rid your pool of pool stains and the prevention of them coming back! Pool StainingI am not an endorser of products until I have tried them and see for myself that they work. So I will guarantee you that this recommendation will work for you.
First go to You will need to first identify what type of stain that you have first. This is done with a "Stain ID Kit". Once you determine the type of stain with the kit-I cannot stress enough use the kit-no guessing of what you think it might be-call Jacks Magic and let them guide you with which stain removing product to use. You may have a local dealer in your area that carries these products and may have the stain kit. Still go to the website and note the contact information. If you follow Jack's instructions you will not waste time or money on useless products. I have attending his stain specialist training and was truly impressed at the dedication level of their staff.
P.S. I am not affiliated in any way with Jack's Magic products. Just a firm believer that his products work due to I have used them previously.
good luck to you!!
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How do you remove a swimming pool?

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pH stands for potiential of hydrogen it is a measure of the waters acidity. A high pH indicates that the water is more alkaline based and more subject to staining or allowing

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Add stain and scale remover to your water. I will get those kinds of stains too if I don't use the stain and scale when filling the pool, or a couple of times after big big ra

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To remove mud from a smimming pool is a very delicate process . There are many variables , and it can be a dangerous experience . To prepare yourself , . Purchase a pool-vac