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How do you remove stains from terrazzo floors?

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How do you remove wood stain from pergo floor?

Try rubbing it with a rag dipped in Goof Off, it may not get it off quickly, but it won't hurt the floor either. Please post me a message on my board here as to how it worked.

How do you remove sharpie marker stains from hardwood floors?

Non-acetone polish remover (or rubbing alcohol) worked great with a cotton ball. For slightly more set-in stains, let it sit for a short time. --- Try toothpaste! Believe

How do you get carpet glue and yellow stain off terrazzo floor?

Answer   I would use ice cubes for the glue and toilet bowl cleaner for the yellow stain   Depending on the stain there are different steps. But I will assume that you

How do you remove paint from a terrazzo floor?

Terrazo is basical a cement floor with a high polish, you can scrape pretty agressivly and you can use paint remover, wont hurt the terrazzo

How do you restore terrazzo floors?

Composition: The floor consists of an under layer of cement concrete in ratio of 1:2:4(1 part of cement: 2 parts of coarse sand: 4 parts of graded stone aggregate 12.5 mm nom

Why you clean Terrazzo floor?

I used to put a layer of paper towels down on the stain, then drip bleach straight from the bottle on the towels until the towels were soaked all the way through. Let them sit

How do you remove rust stains from a wood floor?

  Answer   goo be gone can be bought at the grocery store -read the back of the plastic bottle-i know it will remove rust but you need to see if wood floors are inc

How do you clean terrazzo floors?

Cleaning terrazzo floors Traditionally known as Strip, Seal and Wax.   Terrazzo is two parts marble chips in one part portland cement, 5/8" thick and ground to an 80 grit

How do I remove cat urine stain from an oak floor?

Cat urine stains will generally make the oak floor a darker color  than the surrounding floor. To remove the stain, soak up any  remaining urine if it is still fresh. Soak a

How do you remove terrazzo flooring?

  I have spoken to a builder friend about this as we are wanting to remove our old terrazzo floor in the bathroom. He said you would need to jackhammer it out.... i am a l

How do you remove carpet tacking nails from the terrazzo floor without breaking the surface of the floor?

  In order to retain terrazzo and minimize damage - I'm about to try this method as interpreted from Ross of Home Depot South Tampa: After removing the soft wood portion o

How do you clean orange stained carpet backing off terrazzo?

  You can use strippers and or aggresively grind the surface. The matrix of the terrazzo is a resin and strippers will usually not affect it. When putting something on a s