How do you remove the hard drive from a Toshiba Satellite 1625 notebook?

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ok here's the deal, i want you to know that removing the harddrive from a laptop is not the best thing to do. you can injure the computer or the HD it's self. But if you want to know, on the side of the computer there should be the batery, and other ports, now there will be a piece of the computer that looks like it can be pulled out, it can be. however, you must first unscrew it from the motherboard. it is very easy to do this, simply turn the laptop over and look for a screw that looks like it was holding it in, unscrew it and turn the laptop back over again. now, usually the HD is on the opposite side of the computer as the battery. when the screw is out and you are sure you have it, give the piece a good pull. with a few good tuggs it should come out.  Replacing the hard drive in a Toshiba 1625 is very easy to do, and no more risky to your computer than dropping in a memory chip. It should take less than 5 minutes. On the bottom of the 1625 are three screws with the letter K embossed next to them - those are 3 of 7 screws that hold the keyboard in place, The other four screws are accesed by snapping off (no screws) the narrow ridge of plastic spanning the screen hinges - it's the piece with the 7 little leds and icons. Yes, it really does snap off (swing the screen way back). Remove the other 4 screws and lift the keyboard out. The hard drive is the 10x7cm box you see in the middle. Removing the two screws on the right side will enable you to lift (using the plastic tab) that end of the harddrive up just to the level that you can slide it out to the right (the HD socket is at the other end). DON'T ATTEMPT TO LIFT IT STRAIGHT OUT - IT HAS TO BE UNPLUGGED FROM THE SOCKET BY PULLING TO THE RIGHT. You may have to rock it back and forth while pulling. When installing a new hard drive, you'll obviously do the reverse, but be careful to hold the drive up with one hand as you plug it in so you can lower it gently into place.
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