How do you remove the head unit on 2004 Lincoln LS?

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it's real easy first use a flat tip n pry off the bezel surrounding the transmission shifter. it's one whole peace from the cup holder to the bottom of your ash tray if equipped.then you pop off the peice that surrounds your center air vents. then you remove the ash tray and lighter. then you can remove the radio and the ac controls. they are two peaces so once you pull it out as 1 peace then you can. remove the screws on the radio and a/c unit and wala. your done
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How do you remove the stock CD head unit on a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer LS?

There are two screws located behind the temperature knob and the vent knob located below the stereo. To get to these screws you have to pull out on these two knobs and then re

Transmission fluid in a 2004 Lincoln LS?

Answer . To check the level you have to lift the car up and remove the center plug in the drain plug on the transmission pan. These cars have a sealed transmission no dip s

Where is the starter located on a 2004 Lincoln LS?

Generally speaking a starter is located on the same side of an engine as the battery is located....makes sense doesn't it???(rear wheel drive vintage). This theory may not ap

How do you remove a 2004 Lincoln aviator tail light unit?

the assembly is attached with two screws and two pins that push in. Open tailgate, remove two screws you find when the gate is raised. Take a stiff putty knife or some such to

Where is the Jet pump in a 2004 Lincoln ls?

On a 2004 Lincoln LS : The jet pump is installed through an access hole on the driver side top of the fuel tank . It is used to transfer fuel to the passenger side of the fu

How do you repair catalyst on 2004 Lincoln ls?

catalysts are not fixable... you replace it... but first make sure there is no more simple (and cheaper) solution... if your car stinks i would check the O2 sensors, MAF, t