How do you rename your iPhone Bluetooth file?

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When you go in iTunes (on you'r PC or mac) try renaming the Iphone device that you have connected ;)
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Can you use your Bluetooth headset with iPhone?

Yes!!!!!! According to Apple's website the iPhone is designed to work best with the Apple iPhone Bluetooth Headsets (go figure), but most other Bluetooth headsets will work with iPhone. So to answer your question ...Most likely yes. NOT Really 100% Compatible New iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs use Broadcom's Bluetooth chip, which built together with wi-fi chip , and is a totally new to the market place. Most bluetooth headsets use CSR chips, not really 100% compatible with broadcom Chip. Most of the Bluetooth headsets out there are not fully compatible with New iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. There are two way to fix them. 1. Uploard special software to your bluetooth headset, (But the Tool need $150.00 US, not worth it) 2. Buy a New bluetooth headset but need Check on the package (iPhone 3Gs Compatible). iPhone losing credibility I bought a Motorola S805 headset and found the forward/back control feature is not compatible with the iPhone. I then replaced this with an Motorola S9 and had the same problem! I called Apple and was told it is a known issue and should take it up with Motorola. I then read a blog indicating that this is in fact an Apple issue and may vary depending on the firmware version you have. I am running 3.1.2. and this is the only issue I have encountered. The bluetooth standard has been out for a long time so there is no reason why Apple should have this problem with the iPhone. It is almost as if Apple is doing this on purpose to force people to buy Apple Bluetooth accessories! If there is a way to tarnish a good product Apple, this would be the way to do it. if it really doesn't work ,you can buy one is a good one.

Renaming the file in system32?

Answer . This question is a bit vague. However, in order to rename files within the system32 directory, you first need to have local administrative rights. Additionally, the file typically cannot be in use. If this is a file from a virus, it typically will be in use and may not be able to be renamed without first ending whatever process has the file locked.

Can you bluetooth data to an iPhone from a non-iPhone?

No. At this writing (February 2009), Bluetooth on the iPhone supports connection of Bluetooth headsets only; it does not support data connections. One of the unique features of the iPhone is that its features and applications can be enhanced via software updates, so it may be possible at some point in the future. (january2010) I can say that the bluetooth of iphone (3GS) is not 100% compatible with other mobile phones or computers (neither between the apple products) the apple is pointing on different applications which concentrate on wireless usage and/or the mms systems.

Does the iPhone have bluetooth?

Yes, iPhone has Bluetooth. But it only supports Headset. no filesharing or Air Play. There are some applications of third parties available on Apple appstore that can share files (photos, etc.) between 2 iphones (3GS) via Bluetooth. some of them are free and others not. Also some games have the option of discovering the other iphones (3GS) near to the users' iphone (3GS) & pair them as game mates. from my experience I can say that the bluetooth of iphone (3GS) is not 100% compatible with other mobile phones or computers (neither between the apple products) you can buy an additional one,either in app store or is ok.

Rename iPhone photo albums?

There is no simple way to rename iPhone photo albums because all photos in iPhone photo albums stored as binary format ITHMDB photo database, there are 5 type of database as below. 1. "Photo Database" stored photo index to the other 4 databases.. 2. "F3008_1.ITHMB" stored image size 640 x 480 3. "F3009_1.ITHMB" stored image size 160 x 128 4. "F3004_1.ITHMB" stored image size 56 x 73 5. "F3011_1.ITHMB" stored image size 80 x 79. Mac platform: I guess iPhoto can do the job.. Windows platform: "uTunePhotos" that can manipulate ITHMDB database can do the job such as add, remove, export rename, reorder, backup and restore.

Can you send mp3 file from the iPhone to other phones via bluetooth?

yes , it is possible only if you have i Bluetooth in your i phone .

How do you connect iPhone to Bluetooth in your car?

You can connect your iPhone to your car Bluetooth but you will no be able to do anything.

Do iPhone 3g have bluetooth?

Yes. iPhone & iPhone 3G- Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR iPhone 3GS- Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

How do you rename for Excel file to text file?

If you renamed an Excel file it would still be an Excel file, but Excel may not recognise it as such. It would be far better to open the file and then go to the File... Save As menu, select the file type as either Text (Tab-delimited) or csv (Comma Separated Values) give it a filename and click Save. You would then be able to open it in any text editor. Note that you can only save one worksheet, so if you had several worksheets you would have to save each one as a separate file.

Do you have do have a Bluetooth headset to bluetooth on a iPhone?

I'm afraid you can't do bluetooth on an iPhone, i know as my best mate has one and she can't bluetooth me anything because apple doesn't do bluetooth. Sucks, doesn't it?

Can you bluetooth on an iPhone?

Yes. You do the following: settings>general>Bluetooth>On/Off. Hope this helps :) if this doesn't work, it's probably because your phone thinks bluetooth is illegal, bluetoothing is copyrite. :|

Can iphones send songs using bluetooth?

\nNo, the only thing you can do with bluetooth is use the free hands device. Also, there is no way you can send songs anywhere by any way.

Rename a file in Excel?

You wouldn't rename a file in Excel. You would normally do itthrough Windows Explorer. However when opening a file in Excel,when the Open Dialog is open, it is possible to click on a file andrename it or do it through the Tools menu in the Open Dialog box.However you would rarely use that approach. The other thing you cando is use Save As and choose a new name, which will give you a copyand retain the old file.

Does iPhone send songs by bluetooth?

Depending on what model/type and brand of BlueTooth you have, some of them have music and even stereo music capabilities that will play all your Itunes songs with voice control. These bluetooths are usually upwards of $60. Hope that helps!

Does New Apple iPhone 16gb has bluetooth?

yh it does have bluetoothn and if that other wierdo person said NO ! then if u believd them u must be craziii and btw it does have buetooth please comment back thanx xxx

How do you rename files in QNX?

QNX's shell is POSIX compliant, so you can use Unix commands on the system. To "rename" a file, you move it. mv oldfilename newfilename is equivalent to renaming the file.

How do you find out passcode for bluetooth on iphone?

Most products use a default or generic passcode of 0000 or 1111. Try those. 0000 is more commonly used. Good luck.

Has an iPhone got bluetooth?

The iPhone 3G has Bluetooth and so will the 3Gs model too. I do not know if the 2G model does though.

How do you change the name of iPhone in bluetooth?

Go into iTunes and change the name of your iPhone. In OSX, you just click on the name of your phone on the left hand side (under devices), then click again to edit the name inline.

How do you work bluetooth on an iPhone 3g?

go to settings, general, bluetooth and turn it on. you can only use the bluetooth feature for bluetooth headphones

Can you connect a iPhone to another iPhone via Bluetooth?

yes u can if u r wanting to transfer images then u download file share type in bluetooth in the app store iPhone bluetooth is only can compatible with the bluetooth headset, and can't connect to other iPhone.

Does Bluetooth work in iPhone 3G?

It does, but you are not able to send any files or photos. You may connect to Headphones or a Wireless device.

Is iPhone bluetooth only for iPhone?

Original Answer by Robertfalco Edited by Arianna Lovendino iPhone Bluetooth is only for iPhone. You cannot send songs orthings like that to any other phone brand.

How can you rename a file or folder?

u right click the file and toward the bottom on the drop down menu there should be sommat that says rename and click on it and then u can rename that file

Can you bluetooth photos from iPhone to computer?

At the present time, consumers are unable to use Bluetooth to send photos from an iPhone to the computer because the technology is copy written by Apple. A few people have probably attempted to solve the problem by making applications, though.

Can you bluetooth to an non-iPhone from an iPhone?

No, bluetooth is for headphones only. But you can connect to other phone via Wi-Fi.

Does iPhones have bluetooth?

yes they do you have to go into the settings menu then press on conections and switch on the bluetooth

Which iPhone App can be used to send mp3 files over bluetooth to another phone?

A professional iphone transfer can help you transfer your iPhone files to iPhone, computer and iTunes. Learn more here: It can: 1、Transfer files from iPhone to iPhone(iPhone to iPhone transfer) 2、Transfer files from iPhone to local computer(iPhone to Computer transfer) 3、Transfer files from iPhone to iTunes(iPhone to iTunes transfer) 4、Transfer files from local files to iPhone without iTunes 5、Supports all sorts of devices

How do you rename a file on a DVD-r?

you right-click, go to properties and u will get a text box with your CD name, hopefully it will work and i think it will work only on the pc that you entered the files in

Can you connect your iPhone Bluetooth to your gm truck Bluetooth?

Absolutely, so long as your truck has bluetooth! Just activate bluetooth on iphone, and tell truck to "pair" and itll tell u what to do

How do you rename a file in a computer?

sorry you can't but if you really wanted to save all the files and create new folder

How do you rename a file with command prompt?

rename [drive:][path]filename1 filename2 . Example: . rename "C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents\OldExampleFile.txt""NewExampleFile.txt" . This renames the file "OldExampleFile.txt" in location"C:\Users\JohnDoe\Documents" to "NewExampleFile.txt"

How do you set up Bluetooth on iPhone?

On iPhone you can't transfer files to other devices only to other iPhone and that with a program you can go to settings>general and theres the option bluetooth

Why would you rename a file?

Because the original filename is no longer acceptable. Some reasons: You have a picture of a naked woman. You don't want your wife to find it. You name it: Boringworkstuff.jpeg (although that's pretty transparent) Also, If you have separate folders with multiple documents. In each folder you have images 1.jpeg - 30.jpeg. You want to consolidate all pictures into one folder. You can't do that without overwriting files since two files cannot exist in one folder with the same exact name. Now you need to rename all duplicates in order to store in one location.

How do you rename an Excel file?

Find the file in its folder. Then right click on it and click Rename. Then you can give a new name to your file.

How do you get Bluetooth to pair iPhone to iPhone?

You can't, unless you're jailbroken. Some app's will allow you to connect via bluetooth inside the app for multiplayer, such as games, but you can't via the OS, connect iPhone to iPhone

Do iPhone 4 have Bluetooth?

Yes the iPhone 4 is bluetooth capable and will connect to most other devices with bluetooth.

How do you get bluetooth on iPhone?

Go To: . Settings . General . Bluetooth You Have The Option To Turn Bluetooth On And Off

How do you bluetooth using an iPhone 4?

Click settings. Go down to General. Then there should be a tab that says BlueTooth. Click on it. Then if it says off, slide to make it on. After that, It should now be on. I hope I helped out :)

How do you send photos from iPhone to iPhone by bluetooth?

Download the Bump app which is free from the App Store which allows you to send pictures and much more by just tapping your iPhones together. You can do it via following steps. 1 Download and install the iBluetooth application from Cydia, a resource for iPhone apps. 2 Activate the Bluetooth feature on the device you wish to transfer to the iPhone from. Be sure that it can "see" the iPhone in the list of available devices. 3 Locate the file you wish to send, and choose to send it via Bluetooth to the iPhone by following the device's Bluetooth transfer protocol, which will vary depending on the device. 4 Select that you would like to allow the file transfer from the iBluetooth menu on the iPhone when it prompts you to allow or disallow the transfer. The file should send in a matter of seconds. Hope it can help you. .

How to search my Excel file if file was rename?

well. u can open excel and file u should see the recent opened files if not try searching .xml with last modified ( when did u rename it ) then search that's all :)

Is there bluetooth in the iPhone 4?

yes, there is and you should note that apple gives you details how to run all the bluetooth properly, but not all of the bluetooth works right with iphone 4, occasionally you buy a bluetooth add-on and it is for the iphone 3G or for the iphone 2 or 1.

How do you use Bluetooth with an iPhone?

To activate the Bluetooth transceiver: . Tap on Settings , . Tap General , . Tap Bluetooth Then you will have to pair two Bluetooth devices together. They should find each other when both are turned on (after a timeout of about 1 minute, to conserve battery, they will stop broadcasting their ID and if you have not pairee at that time you will have to reactivate the device.

How do you Bluetooth with an iPhone?

Pairing a bluetooth device (e.g. a hands-free ear piece) with the iPhone is trivial - the option is available in the iPhone's settings and easily found. Enable bluetooth under settings, and ensure that the bluetooth device is set to 'discoverable' or 'pairing' mode. Simply scan for devices from the iPhone via the bluetooth settings, select the one you wish to pair with, enter the shared key (PIN) as provided by the device manufacturer, and away you go. Unfortunately, that is where it ends. Without hacking your iPhone (voiding the warranty and breaching the EULA), the iPhone is devoid of bluetooth file-transfer protocols (i.e. OBEX FTP), and so cannot perform phone-to-phone data transfers.

Can you bluetooth data to an iPhone from a non iPhone?

you cant blue-tooth data from an iPhone to non iPhone device but you can to other apple devices such as Mac iPad and iPod by downloading an app like "bump" from the app store.

How do you rename files or folder?

You put your mouse on the file's name and right click. Click the tab with rename folder. Then, you get to rename your file.

Does it cost to use bluetooth on an iPhone 4?

no it does not cost to use Bluetooth ow ever Bluetooth is very slow on the iPhone 4

What does renaming files mean?

Renaming files means changing the name of files. This can be done by pressing on the file icon once, then pressing on the file's name which will allow you to then change the name of the file.

How do you rename file in MacBook?

Click to highlight the file then click and hold for about 1 to 2seconds on the discription area and itshould turn into a editing type box. Simply type the new name youwant and click the disktop to make it stick.

How you rename a torrent file?

If you are wanting to rename a torrent file, this can be done quickly and easily. Simply left click on the name, select rename, and enter the new desired name without altering the file type.