How do you repair leaks in the stair strip seals of a vinyl-lined pool if it's a new liner?

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The vinyl liner should bond together with PVC glue from lowes or home depot. There is even a PVC liner that can be used with the glue to patch tears rips and holes.
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How do you repair an oil seal leak?

Depends on which seal and which model vehicle, but it involves replacing the bad seal. Rear main seals usually aren't that difficult - though again, depending on the model, it may involve dropping the transmission. Front seals or crankshaft seals involve pulling the harmonic balancer (if you have on (MORE)

How do you find a leak in the vinyl liner of an above ground pool?

Here are more recommendations from other WIKI ers: . This may not be the answer your looking for, but we used goggles and just went around looking really carefully. It took a while but we did it! There were small air bubbles around the hole - actually we found four holes, but at least we got them! (MORE)

How do you repair a leaking inground vinyl pool light?

In my experience with vinyl pool lights it can only be 3 thnigs;around the light'not haveing a gaste;i would chack the light;the gsate;see if that would help;if that don't work i would put it a new light this guys pretty smart and has some good advice huh??...yea right! first of all if your light is (MORE)

How do you repair a new gunite or plaster pool that is leaking around a light?

Call the builder. Warranty. I will add, if contractor refuses to fix call the contractors license board for a license review and state your problem including dates of completion etc. This pool system should have been inspected by a city or county rep. The conduit or connectors must not have been pro (MORE)

How do you find a leak in an inground vinyl pool liner?

well 1st..are you sure it's the liner?...if you are ..then here's one way...1st close the skimmer valves so the pump runs off the bottom drain only..and then just let the pool run..don't fill it and watch to see if and where the water stops going can let the pool go down as far as about (MORE)

How hard will it be to put a new layer of wood on a wood-walled vinyl-lined inground pool when you replace the liner?

Just completed similar rebuild 3 years ago. Hired the original builder and after watching realized I could do this myself. The support behind the pool walls should be similar to that of interior walls in your home. There should be a stud (2x4) spaced evenly every 16". Remove the old walls without da (MORE)

How do you find a leak in the liner of a 20x40 inground pool?

well I have the same issue as you ... I heard that by placing a pair of stockings at each end of the pool (shallow and deep)it should move toward the leak ... I just cut one pair of stockings in two ... still waiting for the outcome I just started it this evening ... good luck to you ...

If there is a sunken area in the bottom of a vinyl liner pool does this mean there is a leak?

Are you lossing a lot of water? Do you use any type pool cleaner that attached into the skimmer that bounces on the pool floor? If you do and the base is poolcrete is being better down.. and THAT could cause a hole... You may or may not have a leak but the sunken area is caused by the collapse of t (MORE)

Is it possible to repair a bulging vinyl pool liner?

By the liner bulging, I assume you are refering to water behind the liner due to excessive hydrostatic pressure. To correct, you need to remove the excess water. You need a pump and a length of smooth flexible hose, spa flex is best.. 1. Unhook the liner from the bead receptor in shallow end of poo (MORE)

How do you repair a pool liner?

You can buy an "underwater" PVC repair kit. Providing there are not too many holes, this is the easiest way to repair, as you do not have to drain the water. However, goggles and someone pressing down on your body (or lead weights), do assist to keep you below water, whilst you affix the patch and t (MORE)

How do you seal a pool leak?

If the leak is in the plumbing, you can get a qualified leak detection company repair the broken pipe, skimmer, or other area where the leak exists. If the leak is in the surface of the pool (such as a hole, or through cracks in the surface), coating the pool with a new fiberglass surface is your be (MORE)

How do you find a leak in a vinyl pool liner?

A professional swimming pool leak detector can use electronic equipment to locate the leak with 100% accuracy. If you are doing it on your own, it is simply a matter of visual inspection. Look for telltale signs, such as divits in the bottom, though they will not always be present. Check around the (MORE)

How do you repair pool filter leaks?

Answer . That all depends on the type and location of the leak. You just can't patch leaks in the filter tank body. Not a good idea. Leaks around joints that would have o-rings or gaskets between them are most always repairable. k

How do you repair a leak in the pool liner you can not find?

First, eliminate obvious and visible leaks. Check for evidence of leakage or moisture. Check all fittings that go into or out of the pool pump, filter, or heater. Check for leaky pump lids, leaky valves, or leaky seals. Also check to make sure that your multi-port valve is not leaking water to the w (MORE)

Why does your vinyl pool liner have ripples?

One cause is a leak.. A small hole/tear in the liner allows water to get behind/under the liner. Now, without the water pressure pressing against it (or, with equal pressure above and below), the liner 'floats' away from the ground/wall. If you see an increase in the number or severity of the wrin (MORE)

Repair vinyl pool liner?

One of the biggest fears that most pool owners have when it comes to their vinyl pool liner is discovering a rip or a tear in it. The fortunate thing about holes in vinyl liners is that they are very easy to repair. .

How can you repair your Doughboy Pool which has a leak in the area of the return where a piece of the liner was cut out and the metal under that opening edge has rusted?

If new replacement parts are available, you could simply replace the damaged/rusted parts. On the other hand, if parts are not available, or you want to do it yourself, then it will be necessary to restore the rusted parts to service.. A few years ago, for a friend, I made a similar repair on ano (MORE)

How to repair Low hung vinyl pool leaks?

Depending on who you talk to everyone has their own tricks. In my opinion, the liner should be replaced AND retrofitted to a full wall vinyl liner. In my experience there can be too many problems with Low Hung Liners.

Leaking inground vinyl liner?

First you have to find where the water is leaking. To figure that out, fill your pool to the normal water level and mark the water level on the liner. Wait a day and mark the new water level. Fill it up to the first mark then shut off all your pool equipment and wait the same amount of time. If the (MORE)

How do you plug a main drain in bottom of vinyl liner pool that is leaking?

If you are talking about,pluging off your bottom drain and just using your skimmer only to run your pool,then you can buy a plug made of rubber or cork to fit inside the hole inside your bottom drain. Just make sure it is in secure. We do this every winter,when we close our pool,because our filter i (MORE)

Will the roots of your apple and fig tree invade your new vinyl liner inground pool?

yes never put or plant any kind of tree near an in ground swimming pool. tree roots have been known to break through cement even metal so if you put/plant a tree near an in ground pool those roots will most likely break through the walls of the pool ruining it and your yard from that water escaping (MORE)

How do you find a leak in a pool liner?

Answer 1: Try to find the area that is most wet from the leak. if it is on the sides it should be easy, but if it is on the bottom, it may be harder... I use the technique of 'Water Balloon'. Put water in it and move it around to find out where the water where come out. After you find this, you can (MORE)

Can you find a leak in pool liner with no water?

yers but all you have to do is . Here's what you need to do. 1. Check around equipment for signs of moisture. 2. Check all exposed plumbing. 3. Use a Dye Tester to check around fittings or any suspect areas to identify water escaping from the pool. 4 Use a dive mask and inspect the entire (MORE)

What do you do to get water out from under liner of a vinyl lined pool?

I just had this happen. I have an in-ground vinyl pool. About 10,000 gallons of water was under my liner this weekend. I took off the trim ring around the (normally summerged) pool light and slipped a small submursable pump with hose attached under the liner at the deep end. Plugged in the pump and (MORE)

How much will you pay for a pool liner to be installed if you have a new liner?

A lot. I'm assuming you bought the liner on the Internet, and now you're looking for a local professional to install it. Bad idea...and here's why: Local pool professionals make their profit on the sale of the liner to you, and not much on the installation, while ALL THE RISK OF THE JOB IS IN THE IN (MORE)

How do you find a leak in vinyl pool liner?

i have a small rust stain and small hole on outside half way down the pool wall will my hole be right only makes sense to me.the water has drained down just past that mark.should i patch it there or use the food colouring to make sure.

How do you fix the leak in the vinyl liner of an above ground pool?

Vinyl Liner Repair Liner bead coming out of the track? Liners are meant to fit tightly into the shape of the pool. If the liner was installed slightly off center, or if the liner is too large or too small for the pool's shape, you might experience the bead popping out of the track. With the use o (MORE)

Does a pool liner pad stop an existing leak?

The pool liner pad is placed underneath the pool liner to prevent items from cutting through the liner. If the liner is already leaking, the liner pad will not stop the leak.

How can you tell if you have a leak in pool liner?

If the water level in your pool is declining faster than evaporation or splashing would account for, chances are it is leaking. If it is an above-ground pool you should be able to see the leak; if it is a below-ground pool, the leak won't be visible, however you may notice abnormal wetness in the su (MORE)

Can you recolor a vinyl pool liner?

Got fed up with liner problems...after 3 liners failed for different reasons, removed and painted the pool a beautiful shade of blue from a renowned paint company (system 10 I think )...never looked back!