How do you repair the wood finish on furniture from a spill of nail polish remover?

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You will need:
600 Grain Sandpaper
Lemon Oil or Water
No. 0000 Steel Wool
Paste Wax
Micro Fiber Cloth

This process is super easy and super inexpensive!

Use 600 grain wet/dry sandpaper. Soak the sandpaper with either lemon oil or water and LIGHTLY sand the area (If the acetone stain is on a large continuous area like a tabletop you'll want to lightly sand the entire area as to avoid the repaired spot sticking out like a sore thumb.) I know sandpaper sounds scary, but 600 grain is so fine it's more like buffing than anything, just don't press hard! LIGHT continuous pressure! Sanding the area evens the wood finish back out and gets rid of the "ridges" or "dull" spots that acetone most commonly causes.

Ok, you've made the surface even... now it's time to restore the luster you began with.
Dip the steel wool into the paste wax and buff the surface using medium pressure. The wax will be shiny at first because of the amount of solvent in it, but as it dries it becomes hazy. This is the turning point you need to watch for. Right as it becomes hazy (half way between wet and dry), you need to buff it with a micro fiber or LINT FREE cloth to bring up the shine.

If you have a table with slats do one slat at a time.
If you have a table with a solid surface do it in CIRCULAR sections (like you're waxing a car). Don't worry about overlap. The solvent in the fresh wax will re-soften the hard wax again, so the circular sections will be seamless.

Keep up your beautiful new surface with a DIY wood polish:
1 cup olive oil
1 cup white vinegar
Spray or pour the homemade solution on a soft cloth (never spray directly on the furniture) and work it in, wiping with the grain. Right away you will see the luster return to the wood. Make sure you buff in a circular motion using firm pressure.
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