How do you replace a flush valve in a toilet?

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Have the new valve in hand. Cut the toilet water supply off at the commode, or even at the street meter box.Remove water tube or pipe supply and old flush valve. Install new valve and new supply line if required.
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What do you replace when a toilet does not flush?

Answer . If nothing happens when you flip the lever, perhaps the chain is no longer connected to the handle. This is a common problem. Take the top of the tank off and m

How do you replace a toilet flap valve?

Toilet flaps are easy to change , just bend the ears around the handles and undo the chain to the flush handle then install a new one the same way. If you want to change the p

What is a toilet flush valve?

More commonly called the 'flapper', it 's the valve that fits over the hole in the base of the tank that you activate when you press the flush lever.

Why would you replace a toilet flush valve?

You would replace a flush valve or 'flapper' when it gets distorted or leaks slowly as they all eventually do. Take it out and go to Home Depot and you will see many better on

How do you replace toilet flush valve?

Take tank off of the bowl and replace it . Always install new tank to bowl bolts and washers and tank to bowl gasket. The flush valve is what your tank ball is conected too. I
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How are toilet flush handles replaced if one breaks?

Replacing a toilet flush handle is inexpensive and is generally a one person job. The handle can be replaced by opening the tank and unhooking the chain. Using a wrench you c

How do you replace the refill valve in toilet resivoir?

Refill valve is a very important component in your toilet since itfills the tank of the toilet after every flush. This valve uses afloat to turn the water on and off. This is