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How do you replace clay drain pipes with PVC?

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Simple. Rip out the old and relay with PVC using good quality piping. Where you need to join to old fittings and new there are joints that marry the two.
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What are C-PVC pipes?

  Chlorinated - PVC normally used on hot water

Can abs pipe and PVC pipe be connected?

No, they cannot be connected. There is no glue on the market at the present time that can glue PVC & ABS together. It's difficult, as after one tries to glue it it gives the i

Should a toilet closet flange fit into or over the PVC drain pipe?

 Answer   They make both kinds. Just make sure it fits snug before you glue it.    Answer     there are several types a 3x4 fits over 3" and inside 4" but

Can a snake climb a PVC pipe?

Yes. Maybe not a vertical one if it's too slick, but otherwise, yes. I have a PVC pipe "jungle gym" in my python's setup.

What are PVC pipes?

  Answer   PVC or polyvinylchloride. IN other words ~ plastic pipe. k

Can you use cpvc glue on PVC pipe for drains only?

You can, bearing in mind that it will not stand any pressure or force separating the joint.

What are reducer bushings for PVC Pipes?

  A fitting that makes it possible, for example, to glue a piece of 2" pipe into a 3" fitting (if you have a 3" x 2" bushing, that is).

How do you connect a 4 vitrified clay pipe bell to new 4 PVC?

Clay has a bell part, attach below the bell a FERNCO rubber boot type fitting which is the diameter of the clay pipe. It will go from PVC pipe to the clay pipe.   The Fer

How can you remove PVC pipes from PVC fittings?

First cut off pipe even with female fitting. Using a hacksaw blade, cut grooves into remainder of pipe inside fitting. Be careful not to exceed the thickness of the pipe you w

How do you replace PVC pipe?

-Turn off main water supply (or supply to that pipe, if a more local shutoff is available.) Then saw out the damaged portion. - Cut an equal size piece of new PVC pipe. Dry