How do you replace fuel pump on Chevy 2000 Express conversion van?

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The fuel pump is in the gas tank. It is not easy , first before you do it make sure that is the problem.Get a auto manual if your not up to it take it to a good repair shop and be ready to pay $600.00 to $700.00 to have it done.
on those vans the conections usually go bad before the pump,check the wires under the van by the front of gas tank.this happend to me.

The best way to tell if it's working, is to listen for a sort "whine" for about 5-10 seconds when first turning the key to the on position without trying to start the engine. The noise you hear is from the fuel pump in the gas tank.
Having driven several of these vans over several years, 99% of the time, the failure will be the pump itself.
As far as replacement, if it's a cargo van and you're not too concerned about the floor in the van, I measured and cut a hole with a hole saw over the gas tank (carefully) where the fuel pump is located. Then I could pull the pump. No dropping of the gas tank, but you will have to cover the hole and seal it so that no exhaust fumes can leak into the van. I used a thick piece of metal, gasket material and sealer with screws for the next time I might have to do this. You also have to be careful you don't puncture the top of gas tank and a spark from drilling into it could be a "Ka Boom"!
They were a common failure problem.
Honda Sedans have a plate over the fuel pump in the gas tank in the trunk. Makes for easy replacement. Their pumps aren't cheap though. About $175
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