How do you reprogram enter security code on radio for 081990 Nissan Pulsar vector after changing battery?

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If it's like my 1991 Pulsar, do this:

1. Get the code from your dealer. Mine was "2420" (might be the same for all 1991 pulsars?)
2. Turn key to first ACC (don't start the car, cos that's a waste of petrol)
3. have the radio on, wait till it stops and asks to the code (3min)
4. Hold down "4". A digit should come up.
5. Use tuning up and down to enter first digit.
6. When entered, use "5" button to enter next one...
- Continue until all four digits are in.

7. It should work...
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How do you go about entering code in radio when battery taken output in?

I didn't have to take mine to a dealership, I found instructions at a forum such as this....I have a 1995 4Runner, with the am/fm/cassette.....if your display sais "SEC" and/or you have a red light showing (possibly key shaped like mine was) on the radio, then this is what I did. The following instr (MORE)

What's the secret to entering the security code to a 99 Honda CR-V radio?

hello i have a 2000 crv and besides from having the dealer set the code you can take the radio out and it should be a 5 didgit number or part of your serial number printed on your radio,i looked on all my paperwork and do not see a number on anything and i bought it new would be nice if they wi (MORE)

How do you enter the security code on the radio of a 2002 Lancer?

Answer . The battery on our Mitsubishi Lancer 2002 went bad. Therefore, the radio does not work since you have to enter the code. The dealer taking care of Mitsubishi in our town told me we would have to pay $79 for them to remove the radio to find the code on top of the radio before they could f (MORE)

How do you change the headlight on a 1989 Nissan Pulsar?

Raise the headlights to the open position by using the perm open option on your dash light assembly.Then take a Phillips screwdriver and remove the 4 screws from the cover of the headlamp.Then remove the 4 screws from the dusk cover over the lamp.Lastly, remove the 2 top screws from the metal frame (MORE)

How do you change the time on a Nissan Pulsar radio?

Answer . You need to turn off the radio and then turn it back on while holding down the clock button from there use the up and down buttons to change hour then press clock again and use the up and down buttons to change the minutes then turn off the radio. When you turn the radio on again the clo (MORE)

What is the security code for the radio in 1988 Nissan Pulsar Q?

Answer . well unfortunatley I went through the same issue with my Camaro. Every car has it's own special code. ( what happend ur battery died?) Now here is the tricky part you can either try to contact the dealer/ previous owner of the car and see if they have it. If they dont have it then you h (MORE)

How do I enter the radio code in a Nissan?

To enter the radio code into your Nissan you need to turn your carto the accessories position. Then once the radio stops playingpress the 4 button and the option will come up to enter your code.

How do you enter the security code on the radio for a Nissan Pulsar 2001 Q after Err keeps flashing?

Most late 90s Nissan stuff has a 'how long have I been flashing Err' timeout. Turning it off will not help. Nor will removing power again. It actually needs to be left on for an hour or two flashing 'Err', before the Code entry will be possible again. So just leave it flashing at you for a day or (MORE)

You replaced your battery your radio says error It does not give you the option to enter your code Plus you are not sure that i have the right code How can you get this without taking out your radio?

Word has it on the street that on a MB ML 320 you need to pull the radio and get the serial number. Submit it to the dealership with vin number and quala!you get the code. I personally think there is another way without pulling the unit like if it's the original unit in the vehicle , they have the (MORE)

How do you enter a radio code in a 1997 Mercedes Benz E320 after replacing battery?

The radio will show the word code on the display with the c use the preset numbers below the display to enter the code. The code has 5 digits and should be on the radio card supplied with the car. Should you not have the radio code, do not panic, dealers will provide that code free of (MORE)

How do you enter code on stereo for a pulsar 2001?

There are six numbers on stereo panel 1 2 3 4 5 6. to enter code only need first 4 number buttons. ( 1 2 3 4 normally used to change ch. ) if your code is eg 6745 first press 6 times using nimber 1 button 7 times using number 2 button 4 times for number 3 and 5 times for number 4. that's all. if you (MORE)

How do you enter the security code on the radio of a 2002 KIA Carnival?

the radio will still work for a few minutes then it will display code. there will be 4 lines that will appear on the screen, press 1 (2X) and 1 will appear on the first line, press 2 (2X) and another 1 will appear, press 3(2X) and another 1 will appear, press 4 (2X) then the screen will display good (MORE)

How do you enter the radio code for 2005 Honda CRV when the battery is replaced?

First: Check the owner's manual. If you're lucky, sometimes the dealer or former owner will have written down the code number somewhere in the manual (inside the front cover or on the page that describes the radio operation are favorite places). IF NOT: You will need to retrieve the radio serial num (MORE)

How do you change brake pads on Nissan Pulsar?

It is important for safety reasons to maintains a car brakes. Onelifts a car with a jack, removes the tire, detaches the brake shoe,removes the old pad and replace them with a new pad, reattach thebrake shoe, place the tire back on the car, and lower the car.

How do you enter a code into a radio on Nissan tiida radio?

for example if the code is 9216..... press no 1 button nine time on your radio keypad.. press no 2 button two no 3 button 1 time...and press no 4 button six time ...your code will be entered... posted by Javid Ghadiyali +27 72 081 9999

Err code on Nissan Pulsar CD radio?

Switch the ignition to "accessories" or "acc" (turn the key 1 click in the ignition) with "err" displaying on the radio, leave the key in the ingnition for 1-3 hours. "err" should now be replaced with "code" allowing you to enter the correct code a and unlock the radio

Remove battery from Nissan Pulsar 2001?

Open bonnet, use a 10mm spanner, undo Negative terminal, then undo Positive terminal, loosen and remove battery bracket. Reverse procedure to install new battery.

How do you find and enter security code for radio in 2000 new beetle?

I own a v.w. beetle. Had to have the radio replaced in it. Brought it to the v.w. dealership. They had to call Germany to get the code for the radio. Sometimes it is written down in your owner's manuel. That's where my old one was before I put the new radio in. Did you know you can't even change the (MORE)

How do you enter the radio code on Acura TSX after replacing battery?

1.Turn the vehicle's key to the "on " position. 2. Press and hold the present buttons (on your radio) 1 and 6 at the same time. 3 Turn on the radio. - a 10 digit serial number will appear on the radio display. There will be 10 characters in the radio serial #. A U followed by 4 numbers and a L (MORE)

What does radio code refer to when changing a pt cruiser battery?

on a European model pt cruiser (USA domestic pt cruisers do not have this) if the radio loses power it goes into a security mode which requires a code to unlock and resume normal function. this is intended as a theft deterrent as the thief would not have the code your local dealer should be able to (MORE)

How do you get a radio code for a Nissan radio?

Easy, all you need to do is get your cars VIN number which will either be on the bottom left hand corner of your windscreen or on the back wall or you engine bay and call the Nissan customer service number and tell them you need the radio code. they will ask you for your VIN number and give you the (MORE)