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How do you rescue a person touching a live wire?

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If the person touching the live wire is also touching ground then the current from the wire is flowing through them into the ground. You do not want to touch him bare handed since you will then also provide a path to ground through your body. There are lots of stories about two people getting electrocuted instead of one.

You need to make sure you don't make the problem worse. For example knocking the wire into a puddle or to a conducting surface that would put yourself or others in danger.

If the option is available the best way is always to turn off the voltage supply. This is not always possible. So you must assess the situation and see what risks you are willing to take. Things like a wooden pole (broom, etc) might be used to strike the wire away from person or push person from wire. Some have done rescues by looping a non-conducting belt around an extremity and pulling. In other cases it may be possible to body block the person from the wire so you could get a brief shock and this should be a last resort and with the realization you might be harmed. Basically use something that is non-conductive to remove person or wire from the death grip.

There are all kinds of disclaimers that goes with such advise. Basically, it is your decision and you should always consider self-preservation.
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