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How do you reset GPS Magellan 315?

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I need to reset my gps?

are you sure? you don't sound sure at all. maybe you do. try the reset button. good luck

Can Magellan Gps be used in Israel?

I am more familiar with Garmin than Magellan but one thing is sure. If you bought the Magellan here in the states it definitely does not have pre-loaded map sets for Israel. Y

What is wrong with a Magellan gps?

Could be many things. Have you tried the battery? Otherwise take it to a shop that deals with such items.

Magellan gps named after Ferdinand Magellan?

It seems reasonable to assume that the gps Magellan was named after Ferdinand Magellan, since he was a well known explorer for Spain, even though he was of portueguese des