How do you restore old wood flooring?

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You sand it down with a rotary electric sander using progressively smaller grit pads, till it's all smooth. At this point you have different options on what to finish it with. -It can be waxed with modern hard wearing waxes or painted with various kinds of varnish.


Just to add: Please check that the prior owner did not "surface nail" any of the floor as the nail heads will make "short work" of your sanding pads or rotary drum of you sander.
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How do you clean and restore hardwood floors?

td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} Whenit comes to cleaning hardwood flooring particularly if you have thebeautiful oak timber, it depends on the t

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Composition: The floor consists of an under layer of cement concrete in ratio of 1:2:4(1 part of cement: 2 parts of coarse sand: 4 parts of graded stone aggregate 12.5 mm nomi

Can tile covered hardwood floor be restored?

If you are talking real tile, then no, it is to far gone to fix. If it stick down tile then yes IF the floor wasn't allready damaged when they covered it.

How do you get floor wax off a wood floor?

A chemical stripper is one way. Simply sanding off the wax and stain so you restain and finish is another. Be care with the chemical stripper though, it might soak into the wo

Can wood flooring be put over old wood flooring?


What is the process to put laminate over old wood floors that have minor damage and gaps?

Laminate is made to be easy to install & forgiving of bad subfloors. IT WAS DESIGNED FOR GAPS & OUCHIES!! the simple answer is follow the instructions, the install won't be di

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Don't try to fix yourself go to a piano place were lessons are taught, or a piano manufacturing,or a place that sells pianos and ask.

Is engineered wood flooring or wood flooring better.?

Engineered flooring is a type of flooring that comes under the wood flooring category. You can get engineered flooring done at your home as it is non susceptible to water and

Can you install laminate floor over old hard wood floor?

Yes, you can. First, repair any loose boards and use a levelingcompound to fill in low areas or severe damage so they are mostlylevel with the rest of the floor. If your lamin

How do you restore the shine on an overpolished wooden floor?

It sounds like the floor has been abraded by too many attempts to polish it by someone inexperienced. The entire surface has to be checked to see if the finish has actually be

How can you restore the finish on your Hardwood Floor?

Restoring the finish on your Hardwood Floor can be done by Removing the dull, scuffed varnish and then cover it with new finish. ANS 2 - That's not anywhere near as easy