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How do you restore old wood flooring?

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You sand it down with a rotary electric sander using progressively smaller grit pads, till it's all smooth. At this point you have different options on what to finish it with. -It can be waxed with modern hard wearing waxes or painted with various kinds of varnish.


Just to add: Please check that the prior owner did not "surface nail" any of the floor as the nail heads will make "short work" of your sanding pads or rotary drum of you sander.
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How do you put vinyl on wood floor?

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How can you restore the finish on your Hardwood Floor?

Restoring the finish on your Hardwood Floor can be done by Removing the dull, scuffed varnish and then cover it with new finish. ANS 2 - That's not anywhere near as easy as i

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How do you disinfect wood floor after vomit?

  Bleach is always best, but it will discolor the floor. I would use lysol disinfectant liberally on the area, after its been cleaned as well as you can.

How do you wax a wood floor?

  First, if your floors are polyurethaned you never want to wax your floor.   There are many types of wax and different ways to apply it. Usually you apply to floor and

What is Screen and Coat Wood Floors?

  Screening a floor means a light sanding, just to take off the polyurethane. Coating it, is to reapply to finish.

What is the best treatment for wood flooring?

The best treatment for any wood flooring is to use a sealant. A sealant helps keep the floor scratch free, it gives it a shine, and only has to be reapplied every few years an

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This will probably call for either professional cleaning, or a proprietary cleaning product.   I would contact a flooring company which sells the type pf flooring in quesit

How do you restore terrazzo floors?

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Why stagger wood floor when installing?

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What makes the best wood flooring?

Aged Woods reclaimed wood flooring is one of the best flooring. It is carefully re-milled from recycled wood from old weathered and distressed barnwood. Hard woods such are a

Can you install laminate floor over old hard wood floor?

Yes, you can. First, repair any loose boards and use a leveling  compound to fill in low areas or severe damage so they are mostly  level with the rest of the floor. If your