How do you retrieve pictures from your ipod and upload back to your PC?

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there is a program that does it for you, it's called copypod photo. google it and use it. it works very well.
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You did a system recovery on your xp you had some of your pictures backed up but not all you have about 6 months worth of pictures you are trying to retrieve?

Answer . If the drive in question has not had too much use. By that its only a very recent recovery, and not much data has been wrote to it, then its possible to do a retreival. Use a program, especially for data retreival, ie Search and Recover, Get Data Back for NTFS (this is my favourite), (MORE)

How do you upload pictures?

First, go to your profile on Then, click Edit Profile and click on Edit Profile Icon Lastly, browse the picture you want to use.

How do you upload a picture from your PC to a website?

First you need a to be able to transfer a file to a server that is hosting a website. You do this with an FTP program, a good one is Core FTP lite it is free. Second you need to know the IP address of the server you are trying to connect with. Another option would be to upload the pictures to a (MORE)

What is the HTML code to upload a gif or jpg picture from a PC onto a website?

For those who need to know how to create HTML for an image, in order to insert it on your site, this is one method that can be used, visit Image Shack at the Related Link. Have the image you want to upload somewhere easy to find such as on the desktop, or a folder on the desktop suitably named (MORE)

How can you upload your ipod playlist back to iTunes?

It can be done this way: Connect your ipod to the computer and you will immediately get an alert come up on the computer which should read: "itunes has detected songs not in the library, do you want to transfer these songs to the itunes library?" (something along those lines....) to which (MORE)

How do you upload video to ipod?

iPod only accepts MP4 format video, If your video is MP4 video, please follow these steps: 1. Open iTunes and click "File" to add your videos to iTunes library. 2. plug in your iPod to computer, then iTunes will detect your iPod as a device. 3. Select your iPod device on the left panel of iTun (MORE)

How do you upload songs to an iPod?

You need to plug in the wire that came along with the iPod, go to iTunes, and buy the song, movie or video you want. You can also go to some other music website and buy or download music from there.

How do you upload a song to and ipod?

1. Go to 2. Go to Music at the top then search the song. 3. Click the song you like then click download. 4. Click save and save the song in my music.. 5. Make sure you have iTunes installed. Install if you don't. Then open my music and right click the song and click Open with < Itu (MORE)

Can you upload DVD's to an ipod?

\n--Cucusoft Ultimate Converter Suite--\n. \nCucusoft Ultimate DVD + Video Converter Suite converts DVD's and videos to play on almost any portable device including iPod, iPod touch, iPod video nano, iPhone, Zune, PSP, video capable MP3 players, video capable mobile phones, and Pocket P.C., etc. M (MORE)

How do you upload apps to an iPod touch?

once on to itunes you buy the app then it will turn up in you libray under apps then connect your ipod touch and drag the app to your little icon of your ipod

How do you upload music from your ipod into your iTunes?

Because the iPod remembers what computer you Sync with, syncing with another computer will erase everything and add all the songs. If you buy a song on your iPod Touch or iPhone, you can move it to your computer, but only the one that you Synced with last. Syncing with a different computer will dele (MORE)

How do you upload songs from iPod to computer?

If you have the program Itunes, you should be able to just plug in your USB cord to your computer and your ipod at the other end, and everything you have in Itunes should sync onto the ipod.

How do you upload songs to your iPod manually?

\n. \n. \nplug your ipod into your computer and open itunes.\n. \non the left side your ipod icon should appear under the devices menu.\n. \nclick on your ipod icon.\n. \na new screen should pop up displaying your ipod type, memory, ect. \n. \nat the top of the new screen there is a music tab (MORE)

How do you transfer the pictures from iPod to the PC?

Use software called Xilisoft Ipod magic. Run the program, it willrecognise your iPod automatically and list all the pictures in youriPod. Select the picture you want to transfer from iPod tocomputer, then click the Export button. iPod PC Transfer Photo will transfer all the selected pictures fromiPo (MORE)

How can you upload home video to your iPod?

The main answer to this is make sure the video is saved as .m4a or any other video format that iPods support. You can find out which formats are supported by your iPod on the apple site. If your video is not .m4a then either save it as .m4a using the problem that came with your home video recorder (MORE)

How do you upload songs onto your Ipod?

If your using a CD to upload it. First insert the CD with your iPod connected to the computer. Then the CD should come up onto itunes. Next on the side of your computer it should say import CD. After it is uploaded into your library go to edit... select all... and drag it into your devices (or the f (MORE)

How do you upload a playlist to my ipod?

you must open up i-tunes then go to limewire (you can go to to download for free) then download your music on limewire then left click one song at a time, hold it, and drag it over to i-tunes, and finally let it go and it should appear there and it will up load on your i-pod

How do you upload videos from your iPod nano?

If you are talking about a iPod nano 5th generation then i have an answer. For a PC, you must connect the iPod to your computer. Then go to My Computer on the desktop and select the iPod. Open it and go to the DCIM folder, then the 000APPLE, then there are all your recorded videos. Copy and paste th (MORE)

How do you upload pictures on Tinierme?

You don't really "upload", you use HTML. i prefer this: any image is accepted as long as the URL is a direct link to the photo or picture this can only be on profiles

How can you upload music to an iPod Nano?

First, you must have music in you iTunes library. Then when you connect you iPod nano, go under music and select the playlist that you want you music to come from. If you don't want all the music you have on iTunes to go on your iPod, make a playlist of all music you want. When you have select that (MORE)

How do you upload minecraft on iPod?

Minecraft is easily downloaded from the app store on iPod touches. It is $7.49. That is the one by mojang Burma there others such ssh Eden earth builder and moon blocks and other aircrafts not made by mojang. Hope I helped

How do you upload video's to you PC from your mobile?

The easiest way - is by using a suitable USB cable between the phone and computer. Windows will normally recognise the phone as a 'mass storage device' - and allow you to search it for the video(s) you want to transfer. Once you find them - simply drag and drop each file to the place on computer whe (MORE)

How do upload a mp3 CD to your PC?

Open the device in Windows Explorer, highlight all the files, rightclick and select "copy", go the folder you want to put them in,right click and hit "Paste".